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Do you have a friend who tells you that generating more leads means you will be able to make more money? If yes, stay away from them. They do not know what they are talking about.
If you are a digital marketer or an entrepreneur, you should focus on generating quality leads without ever putting quantity first. But then you ask yourself, from where can you generate high-quality leads?
In this article, we look at the best lead generation websites in 2021.
First, we have UpLead. This platform is one of the top lead generation tools that focus on the B2B sphere. When you have UpLead, you have the contacts of more than 54 million individuals. It hosts a database that contains the contact details of people from all over the world. You can search for ideal prospects using filters such as past work experience, job title, job responsibilities, location, company size, and technology.
UpLead will help you gather only high-quality data that is verified in real-time. With UpLead, you do not have to worry about spam emails that are of no use to you.
Did you know LinkedIn was the biggest acquisition by Microsoft? LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft back in 2016 for a whopping $26.2-billion. To date, this is the most expensive acquisition by Microsoft.
According to a report, LinkedIn is the top platform for B2B lead generation. 94% of all online marketers said that they use LinkedIn for generating leads. Unlike other popular social media platforms, people do not use LinkedIn daily. Is it a bad thing? Of course not.
Think about it this way — LinkedIn helps professionals connect with other like-minded people. There is no need for you to stay active on the platform other than reaching out to people.
Another social media platform on the list is Facebook. It is currently the largest social media platform on planet Earth.
There is a dedicated feature on Facebook intended for helping marketers with generating leads. After you create a campaign on the platform, you can set a lead generation objective and ask consumers to fill out an instant form. After that, using the Facebook Pixel feature, you can track the leads on your website.
Next, we have SignalHire. It is an online tool that lets you curate valid contact information on your prospects. It is a real-time lead generation tool that comes with an in-house database that contains the contact details of more than 400 million verified contacts.
Along with its web version, SignalHire also has a Chrome Extension. You can search for anyone’s contact details by conducting a search using names, previous employer, and location. Moreover, this powerful lead generation tool will also help you crawl through all of the popular social media platforms starting from Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and many others. 
Google is more than just a search engine. On Google, people search for products that they need. If you can identify people who are actively looking for your product, you can get in front of them and influence their buying decision.
There is one feature of Google, Google AdWords, which is a great lead generation tool. It is perfect for lead generation campaigns because users can easily see your business information with the help of an AdWords campaign. It lets you show ads on other websites that are part of the Google Display Network. This network also includes features such as advertisements inside mobile apps and search result pages.
With AeroLeads, you can find valid email addresses, as well as build an email list. AeroLeads is a popular lead generation platform used by popular companies such as Domino’s, Tata, GrubHub, Gartner, IBM, and Adobe. To date, this powerful lead generation tool has grown into a database of over 6 million contacts. Currently, it has more than 110,000 people’s accounts on the platform.
After you sign up with this extension, visit a LinkedIn page of your prospect. The AeroLeads Chrome extension will display the contact details of your prospects in no time. After you find the leads you were looking for, you can add them to the AeroLeads list.
You can rely on AeroLeads to find business emails, company names, company business website, past job title, location, and other information.
Skrapp is another lead generation tool that helps you find valid emails of your prospects. It helps marketing executives launch their marketing campaigns. Currently, this tool is being used by over 1,000,000 professionals from all over the world. 
If you want to build an email directory for your next email campaign, Skrapp is just the tool you need. This service lets you find the verified B2B email addresses of people who are interested in your product.
Unlike other lead generation tools, Skrapp helps you curate valid emails from websites, apps, as well as different social media platforms. This tool can integrate with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to make lead generation easier for you.
Next, we have SpyDialer. It is a reverse phone number lookup tool that lets you find phone numbers, VOIP, and landline numbers. This innovative online service was featured on WikiHow, TechJunkie, KimKomando, SearchQuarry, NBC, Men’s Journal, and many other leading news outlets. However, as with most reverse lookup services, this tool alone will not generate a lot of quality leads.
Using Leadfeeder, you can generate more leads by getting to see which companies visit your website, starting from designers, developers, software engineers, marketers, and your competitors. This tool will also show you how these people landed on your website and what they are looking for. It comes with a flexible pricing plan.
After Leadfeeder finds your website visitors, it will make a list of the high potential leads. In the next step, this tool will help you figure out who you should get in touch with. And in the last step, you can use this tool to sync your lead list to a CRM platform.
All in all, any of the services described above could be great for lead generation. Pick any and see how it works for you.

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