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None of us saw the pandemic coming—nor the effects it would have on business models, industries, and marketing strategies. It challenged existing B2B rules and laid many a wonderful plan to waste.
With economic analysts and global leaders debating over the world’s ability to go back to pre-pandemic times, we know one thing.
As B2B sellers, we must shake off the ashes, adapt, and proactively create sweeping customer outreach models to attract customers and drive profitability.
We must implement inbound and outbound lead generation strategies that will open doors to new customer segments and potential sales.
To that end, here are 5 B2B lead generation tactics brands can implement to maximize success.
Both internally and for your customer as well. Because without this first step, no tool will produce results successfully.
As many businesses have learned, what worked historically may not be so successful today and stable, predictable growth isn’t guaranteed.
Internally, brands need to build up long-term resilience that will take them through future unforeseen disruptions. They will need to:
As far as attracting and converting leads go, re-imagining their way of thinking and buying behavior is critical.
Start by researching the pandemic’s impact on the industries you target and consider the following:
Are your solutions still relevant?
How is the demand?
What extra pain points or opportunities have emerged?
Can you handle them, or would you need to diversify to meet these needs?
Think about your buyers. What has changed? Do they prefer reading or watching educational videos over speaking with sales reps?
If they like self-educating, what content format appeals to them? Are you already creating it or do you need to start?
If they are into calls and meetings, are your teams armed with the right information to make the interactions successful?
A study that analyzed over a billion website pages revealed that more than 90 percent received zero traffic from Google. No, Google is not the problem, the pages are.
You certainly don’t want your website falling into that category.
Here are useful tips to help you move to the under 10 percent that generates leads:
Post-covid, businesses that sit back and hope potential customers find them through inbound strategies alone will hardly achieve desirable results.
You’ve got to prospect, get on the phone, and talk to potential customers about the value you can bring into their business.
Cold calling is a strategic game where your buyer persona profiles and marketing intelligence help you identify potential customers that you can contact.
With every interaction, you learn what works, and what customers are looking for, and personalize your message further.
You then measure the results of your cold calling efforts to see if you’re reaching your goals and tweak your approach accordingly.
The strategy is both fun and creative, as it is demanding. Here are skill sets that may help you sail through.
Identifying and qualifying leads is a time-consuming task that can prove challenging to professionals with full schedules.
Being human, chances are that you may work with decayed or inaccurate data that diminishes your success at bringing suitable leads into your funnel.
Lead generation software facilitates an accurate lead generation, qualification, and management process to serve up contacts that your team can approach.
The heightened accuracy level allows teams to analyze potential targets and personalize communication for greater success.
Additional benefits of lead gen software include:
Business success starts with generating leads.
Leads are brands that are interested in your offerings and email marketing is the strategy that helps retain this interest and nurture it into conversion.
But before we jump the gun, thinking about conversions and all, the leads must come from somewhere, right?
Here’s how to use this very strategy to generate leads:
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