The video game industry brings in more revenue than the movie and music industries combined, though it remains something of a niche sector across today’s entertainment landscape. 
In 2021, video game revenue (including social gaming, PC and console games, and integrated advertising) accounted for $214 billion, according to PwC.
And as gaming creators and esports pros see their stars rise, talent managers are helping turn them into household names, overseeing all aspects of their careers — from brand deals and live events to metaverse and real-world ventures.
“Over the next year or two, we’re going to see more creators branch out into their own DTC products, as well as brands taking a more long-term approach to their partnerships,” said Alex Arrigo, founder of Nani Talent, an agency that exclusively represents female creators.
Managers and agents play a critical role in an industry with both untapped potential and the unique ability to weather macroeconomic challenges.
“Looking back to 2008, during our last recession, the gaming industry was one of the few that was able to not just weather the storm, but see continued rapid growth,” said Tim Evans, cofounder and COO of Aftershock Media Group. “With plenty of highly anticipated game releases already announced, I see that trend continuing in 2023.”
Managers and agents generally pocket a cut of creator earnings in exchange for their guidance, ranging from 10% to 20%, according to industry insiders.
In our third annual power list, Insider is recognizing some of the top managers and agents who are guiding the careers of gamers and esports competitors in 2022.
To form this list, we relied on a mix of our own reporting, nominations from readers, and industry experts to narrow down the field. We chose them based on their experience managing creators, their responsibilities, and their influence on the industry.
The managers and agents are listed in alphabetical order by company name:
Lance Frisbee (cofounder and CEO), Tim Evans (cofounder and COO), Anthony Hogan (senior director of talent), and Monique Higgins (lead talent manager)
Three-year-old Aftershock Media Group is an end-to-end marketing solutions provider for creators, game developers, and brands founded by Lance Frisbee and Tim Evans — both content creators in their own right who count millions of followers between them. 
The company’s talent management division helps influencers land brand deals and event appearances, and aids with growth tactics and creative support, the company said. 
AMG also places charity at the forefront of its company ethos, having most recently hosted a charity “Fall Guys” tournament in August, where its creators paired with staff, and 100% of proceeds benefitted Stand Up To Cancer. 
Gaming clients include: Ruppo (4.2 million YouTube subscribers), P2isthename (3.9 million YouTube subscribers), RedVines (235,000 YouTube subscribers), Nyte_Btw (2.3 million YouTube subscribers), SurfnBoy (638,000 YouTube subscribers), RyGuyRocky (2.3 million YouTube subscribers), PowerBang (1.5 million YouTube subscribers), Judo Sloth (1.9 million YouTube subscribers)
Andrew Drake (CEO), Brice Faccento (vice president of new business), and Reed Trimble (vice president of partnerships)
Cofounded by former Activision Blizzard executive Andrew Drake and ex-“Call of Duty” pro player Brice Faccento in September 2019, Bad Moon Talent represents over 60 streamers and broadcast creators, including Josh Seki, Lough, LoochyTV, Vkimm, and ThatNerdChris.
Faccento, who now serves as vice president of new business, and Reed Trimble, vice president of partnerships, lead Bad Moon Talent’s team overseeing creators.
Faccento spearheads the development of new campaign strategies, metaverse activations, and esports consulting. Trimble has helped generate over $1 million in sponsorship deals with over 200 brands, as well as built out an end-to-end marketing solution in which Bad Moon Talent conceives of and executes full-scale influencer campaigns.
Drake contends Bad Moon Talent is well-positioned to grow as more companies become “more educated” regarding the gaming landscape.
“Brands who started their marketing initiatives within the esports space will gradually move their efforts to the general gaming and creator market,” Drake said. “This transition will increase brands’ ROI, and they will begin to invest more and develop strategies across all platforms where gaming content lives.”  
Gaming clients include:  ThatNerdChris (1.75 million YouTube subscribers), Josh Seki (318,000 YouTube and Twitch followers, LoochyTV (273,000 Twitch followers), Lough (201,000 YouTube followers), Vkimm (126,000 Twitch followers)
Dana Hayberg (agent), Peter Letz (agent), and Chris Wittine (agent)
Hollywood talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) represents many leading gaming talent, personalities, and influencers across YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, including Jacksepticeye, who has 28 million YouTube subscribers.
Since joining CAA in 2018 as the agency’s first hire within the gaming talent vertical, Letz has worked to secure endorsement deals and platform partnerships. He’s also helped talent expand into new revenue streams and verticals, such as working to push gaming talent to tv and film, and build out multi-media businesses.  
Hayberg represents gamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ wife and manager, Jessica Blevins, who streams on Twitch. Hayberg began her career working as a talent manager at AwesomenessTV, Machinima, and 3BLACKDOT. Now, she works to  negotiate partnerships with brands, such as Marvel, Nerdwallet, McDonald’s, and Saint Laurent, among others.
Wittine is based in the Nashville office and represents gaming talent Ninja and Dr Disrespect He has guided the agency’s gaming clients in building consumer-facing brands (ranging from apparel to beverage) and content-licensing businesses.
Gaming clients include: Dr Disrespect (4 million YouTube subscribers), Castro (3.5 million Twitch followers), Game Grumps (5 million YouTube subscribers), Nick Eh 30 (6 million YouTube subscribers), Alpharad (2.8 million YouTube subscribers)
Co-owners Andrew Tomlinson and Curt Carter
Character Select Agency reps 70 of the top esports commentators, analysts, and hosts across North America and the EU.
The firm was cofounded by industry veterans Andrew Tomlinson and Curt Carter. 
Tomlinson previously founded the Cyper Sports Network, a media outlet covering pro players and tournaments that pivoted into a talent management upon the dawn of competitive livestreaming. Carter previously furnished roster management and logistics for championship-level “CounterStrike” and “Call Of Duty” teams.
“In general, broadcast talent are still a mostly untapped resource for general gaming and esports growth,” Carter told Insider. “Their sole purpose is to tell a story, explain a narrative. This narrative is not only crucial for viewers, but also for broadcast partners and sponsors.”
Gaming clients include: Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez (144,000 Twitter followers), Miles Ross (13,000 Twitch followers), Rachel ‘Seltzer’ Quirico (25,000 Instagram followers), Chris Puckett (223,000 Twitter followers), Anna Prosser (20,000 Twitch followers), Gabriella ‘LeTigress’ Devia-Allen (17,000 Twitter followers), Caleb ‘Wavepunk’ Simmons (18,000 Twitter followers), Frankie Ward (99,000 Instagram followers), Arda Ocal (72,000 Twitter followers), Lauren ‘Pansy’ Scott (82,000 Twitter followers), Jake Lyon (82,000 Twitter followers), Parker ‘Interro’ MacKay (129,000 Twitter followers)
Richard Heath (senior talent manager), Charlotte Mcllroy (senior talent manager), and Lachlan Challender (talent manager)
The Sydney, Australia-based Click Management was cofounded by siblings Grace and Elliot Watkins and Emma Barnes in 2018. They now serve at the firm as CEO and executive director, respectively.
Since its inception, Click has expanded from boutique talent management into campaign strategy and tournaments production. The firm executes more than 350 campaigns a year for brands including Amazon, Benefit Cosmetics, Chipotle, Epic Games, Google, KFC, McDonald’s, and TikTok.
In addition to managing gaming talent, Click has also produced a number of segments for YouTube’s “Game On” global livestream, worked with Epic Games to produce Australia’s largest digital “Fortnight” creator tournament “Show Down Under,” and was appointed the Creator Service Provider for Facebook Gaming in Australia and New Zealand.  
Lachlan Challender is a rising star on Click’s talent management team with a background in design computing, and an underlying passion for the entertainment and esports space.
“Talent management in gaming is an industry full of opportunity, which requires agility and ability to adapt to navigate successfully,” Challender said. “Being able to anticipate and manage needs on both client and creator sides is a constant balance, while establishing trust with both parties is crucial to deliver successful outcomes and is a process I find extremely rewarding.”
Mcllroy joined Click in 2020, bringing with her over five years of experience working in A&R at Atlantic Records. She has since become an essential driver of scouting new and exciting talent around the globe, as well as ensuring strong relationships with Click’s growing roster. 
“The gaming industry really is the future of entertainment,” Mcllroy said.”It’s a fast-paced and ever-changing ride that as a talent manager leads you to something new every day.”
Gaming clients include: The Boys (3.7 million YouTube subscribers), JoshDub (9.6 million YouTube subscribers), Muselk (9.3 million YouTube subscribers), EddieVR (6.5 million YouTube subscribers), Mully (5.5 million YouTube subscribers), Eystreem (5.8 million YouTube subscribers), x2Twins (3.1 million subscribers), UnlistedLeaf (2.5 million subscribers), Little Z (1 million subscribers)
Ryan Morrison (cofounder and CEO) and Chris Lloyd (chief strategy officer)
Ryan Morrison is a seminal esports agent that has worked with roughly 500 players over the last decade and negotiated salaries across titles like “League Of Legends” and “Fortnite.” He reps one of Twitch’s biggest stars, the former “Overwatch” pro xQc.
Chris Lloyd, a former pro player who was an early rep for “Rocket League” and “Fortnite” pros, has been in esports for over 20 years and heads up Evolved’s talent department. He works to help brands build strategies for Twitch and focuses on player health, as well as career development. 
“This space is finally finding its own solid footing outside of VC money and get-rich-quick schemes,” Morrison said. “Many of the talent within gaming and esports are finally understanding their own worth and maximizing their own brand, which in turn allows them to put out a superior product for their audiences.”
“I’m particularly eager to see how web3 changes the way in which we interact with digital content, brands, and influencers,” Lloyd said.
Gaming clients include: xQc (11.2 million followers), OMGitsfirefoxx (738,000 followers), Kitboga (2.6 million YouTube subscribers), Clix (5.4 million Twitch followers), Alinity (1.5 million Twitch followers), Super (472,000 Twitch followers), Jerma985 (1.1 million Twitch followers)
Janessa Christine (CEO and cofounder), Oliver Pascual (chief brand officer), Sara Haenny (chief experience officer), and Zac Galsim (chief business development officer)
The San Diego-based Fenix Down was launched in 2020 by a group of industry professionals who previously worked at the now-defunct Online Performers Group, an agency that shut down in 2020, mired with sexual-misconduct allegations against the company’s CEO.
Fenix Down, which employs a team-based structure where all of its agents represent all of the firm’s talent, currently represents over 35 gaming creators, offering services that include email management, branding consultations, data analysis, and career guidance. The company has helped its clients sign deals with brands like Intel, Discord, Sony, and Best Buy.
Fenix Down CEO and cofounder Janessa Christine, a former host for Gamestop TV, believes gaming creators will “reinvent” their content to include more aspects of their lives beyond gaming.
“Our talent is starting to focus their content on more traditional lifestyle categories like cooking, fitness, and parenting,” Christine said. “The pandemic has left a lot of creators and viewers suddenly yearning for the outdoors and human connection. As these communities get older with more demands for their time, creators who learn how to keep their communities engaged while respecting their offline time will thrive.”
Gaming clients include: LordMinion777 (1.7 million YouTube subscribers), GassyMexican (1.3 million YouTube subscribers), Towelliee (894,000 Twitch followers), MyNameIsByf (963,000 YouTube subscribers), Day9TV (574,000 YouTube subscribers)
Justin Miclat (Cofounder, CEO) and Joowon Lee (head of emerging talent)
The Kinetic Group was founded in 2018 after Miclat began working with professional gamer and streamer Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff.
Since then, Miclat has worked with Kolcheff on his deal with Under Armour as the company’s first content creator ambassador and his headset collaboration with Apple’s Beats. He’s also helped Kolcheff secure a feature in an NFL commercial.
Since leaving UTA mid-2020, Joowon has brokered significant brands deals including signing the Baka Bros to a WonderLan event presented by MGM, and signing them to WME.
She joined The Kinetic Group to help lead the emerging talent division. Lee’s day-to-day responsibilities include brand building for clients like HunterTV (840,000 YouTube subscribers) and Kruzadar (529,000 Twitch followers).
“Creators are more than on-camera talent, so we’re not just looking for another brand deal,” said Miclat. “Gamers are modern entertainment.”
Gaming clients include: Nickmercs (6 million Twitch followers), SypherPK (6 million Twitch followers), StableRonaldo (2.6 million Twitch followers), AA9Skillz (2 million YouTube subscribers), LosPollosTV (680,000 Twitch followers)

Bridget Davidson (president of talent)
Davidson leads up the talent business at Loaded, a leading firm that reps industry stalwarts like CouRage, DrLupo, Anne Munition, and Myth.
Davdison oversees signings, creative activations, long-term partnerships, and brand sponsorships, and has spearheaded the firm’s push into cultivating a more diverse roster. Prior to joining Loaded, she served as senior esports manager at Riot Games, which publishes top titles like “League Of Legends” and “Valorant.”
Loaded, which raised $20 million in April, has separately launched a branded content consultancy called Open World that grew out of its talent work but operates separately from its flagship business.
Gaming clients include: CouRage (3.8 million YouTube subscribers), DrLupo (1.9 million YouTube subscribers), Anne Munition (644,000 Twitch followers), Doublelift (1.7 million Twitch followers), Sydeon (311,000 Twitch followers), Storymodebae (37,000 Twitch followers), Myth (4.6 million YouTube subscribers), Tarik (2.2 million Twitch followers), QT Cinderella (774,000 Twitch followers), iGumdrop (278,000 Twitch followers)
Dan Levitt (CEO)
Levitt started Long Haul in 2013 after recognizing an opportunity to help digital creators diversify their revenue streams and turn successful social media channels into diversified media companies.
Long Haul specializes in representing creators that bridge gaming and other verticals, like sports, pop culture, or lifestyle content. 
Levitt works with major game publishers, and partnerships he’s secured for his clients include collaborations with EA and Sony Interactive, as well as brands in other categories like Puma and Champs. His client Jesser hosts a gaming series for Champs’ YouTube channel.
Gaming clients include: MatPat (16 million YouTube subscribers), 2HYPE (2 million YouTube subscribers), Jesser (6 million YouTube subscribers), MMG (2 million YouTube subscribers), Troydan (3 million YouTube subscribers)
Alex Arrigo (founder and partner) and Tani Tozian (talent manager)
Dallas-based Nani focuses on women content creators, with an overarching aim to make the gaming and esports space more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community and creators of color, per founder and partner Arrigo’s LinkedIn page.
It provides varied services for streamers and esports athletes including strategic planning, brand campaigns with the likes of Verizon and Taco Bell, and partnerships with game publishers.
“Over the next year or two, we’re going to see more creators branch out into their own DTC products, as well as brands taking a more long term approach to their partnerships,” Arrigo said.
Gaming clients include: Hyoon (211,000 Twitch followers), Ploo (622,000 Twitch followers), Littlesiha (177,000 Twitch followers), MsAshRocks (31,000 Twitch followers), Jessica Kim (152,000 Twitch followers), Nikatine (28,000 Twitch followers), TinyMakesThings (3.4 million TikTok followers), Bloodyfaster (66,000 Twitch followers), Miladyconfetti (18,000 Twitch followers), Breebunn (70,000 Twitch followers), Luxx (186,000 Twitch followers), Tiffae (183,000 Twitch followers), Queenshadows (22,000 Twitch followers)
Reed Duchscher (founder and CEO), Nick Brotman (head of gaming), David Huntzinger (head of digital), and Andrew Pelosi (head of business development)
Located in Dallas and Los Angeles, Night manages a number of top YouTube creators in the vlogger-gaming space, including MrBeast, Preston, and Aphmau. 
Duchscher launched Night after he left his career in NFL management to pursue working with digital creators.
Brotman leads Night’s Twitch efforts, managing streamers such as Karl Jacobs (3.5 million Twitch followers) and Neekolul (437,000 Twitch followers).
In his current role as head of gaming, Brotman led the charge on various initiatives, including inking esports deals with the likes of 100 Thieves and other top organizations, announcing a soon-to-be-released comic collaboration, and launching a Spotify podcast with hosts Karl Jacobs, Sapnap, and GeorgeNotFound.
In 2023, Brotman is looking to focus on large, creator-driven live events, as well as continuing to help his clients break into and navigate mainstream success, he told Insider.
Gaming clients include: Unspeakable (14 million YouTube subscribers), Typical Gamer (12 million YouTube subscribers), LankyBox (20 million YouTube subscribers), MrBeast (28 million YouTube subscribers), Preston (13 million YouTube subscribers), Aphmau (14 million YouTube subscribers)
Kai Gayoso (partner and head of digital), Madeline McFerren (talent manager), and Haley Hey (talent manager)
Range Media Partners is a two-year-old management company run by former agents from top firms like CAA, UTA, and WME. The company, which reps a slew of celebrities across the traditional entertainment business like Bradley Cooper and Gabrielle Union, tapped former Facebook executive Kai Gayoso to head up digital talent shortly after launch. 
And Range is starting to assemble a formidable fleet of gaming creators, starting with two of the most popular female streamers in the industry: 100 Thieves members Valkyrae and BrookeAB. Valkyrae has an exclusive pact with YouTube Gaming and her own merch line, while Brooke — who does not disclose her last name — is a partner on Twitch.  
Gayoso oversee their careers with assistance from Range talent managers McFerren and Hey, the latter of whom joined the company to specifically focus on digital and gaming creators last year. 
Gaming clients include: BrookeAB (1.3 million Twitch followers), Valkyrae (3.7 million YouTube subscribers)
Sue Lee (vice president, talent management)
Cofounded in 2021 by gaming creator Imane “Pokimane” Anys, who is best known for her “Fortnight,” “Valorant,” and “League of Legends” Twitch streams, RTS wants to “reinvent” talent management, enabling creators to grow their brands, evolve their business models, and develop sound esports strategies. 
Led by a diverse team, the firm works with talent and brands including RTS cofounder Anys herself,  Epic Games/Fortnite World Cup, and Meta. 
RTS also owns and manages with Sony the Evolution Championship Series (Evo), one of the oldest events in esports.
Gaming clients include: Pokimane (9.2 million Twitch followers
Evan Kubes (president and cofounder) and Zack Pearlstein (vice president of talent and legal affairs)
Evan Kubes, a former attorney, cofounded the Toronto-based talent agency and media company Rumble Gaming in 2019.
The firm — which offers support for content creation and distribution, licensing deals, and influencer marketing — caters to clients including Rogue, Vio, Tribe Gaming, Caliverse, and TmarTn.
Pearlstein, Rumble’s vice president of talent and legal affairs, manages all relationships with Rumble’s talent roster, as well as all influencer campaigns for brands including, Ford, and the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
Gaming clients include: Tribe Gaming (469,000 YouTube subscribers), TmarTn (4.93 million YouTube subscribers), Boom Esports (140,000 YouTube subscribers), OG Esports (106,000 YouTube subscribers)
Amber Howard (head of talent), Ryan Tucker (talent manager), and Paul Shaw (talent manager)
TalentX Entertainment launched as a firm for TikTokers and formerly served as the parent company of creator collective Sway LA. The company was acquired by esports organization ReKTGlobal last year.
TalentX’s gaming division, TXG, is led by industry veteran Amber Howard, who held previous stints at the NFL Network, IMG, Machinima, and A3 Artists Agency. Notable deals forged by Howard include Mari Takahashi’s hosting gig on Netflix’s “Geeked Week” YouTube series and a feature by the deaf and trans streamer Ewok on HyperX’s We Are All Gamers campaign. 
Tucker, who oversees the careers of SushiBAE and Henwy, is a lifelong gamer in his own right, while Shaw started his career in the music industry working with Warper Tour and currently reps clients across TalentX, with a focus on brand and product development. 
Gaming clients include: LaurenzSide (6.7 million YouTube subscribers), Chrissy Costanza (194,000 Twitch followers), Mari Takahashi (302,000 YouTube subscribers), Datto (1.2 million YouTube subscribers), The Warp Zone (2.9 million YouTube subscribers), Ewok (333,000 Twitch followers), Sigils (1.2 million YouTube subscribers), SushiBAE (364,000 Twitch followers), Henwy (1.2 million YouTube subscribers), Stoves Gaming (95,000 YouTube subscribers), Biffle (1 million YouTube subscribers), Blushi (210,000 Twitch followers)
Dan Hahn (director of talent) and Jenn Mac (director of model talent)
Tyrus is a boutique talent management company that works with its gamer clientele on sponsorships, social media and content management, growth strategies, and metrics analysis. 
The five-year-old firm saw its client roster explode from seven creators in April 2021 to 65 in August 2022, with a combined follower count of over 20 million across YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. In July, Tyrus was acquired by Vancouver-based X1 Esports, a video game portfolio company. 
Hahn, who serves as director of talent, started his esports career in 2005 as a host on WoW Radio, while Mac currently heads up Tyrus’ department focused on models, like Twitch and OnlyFans creators Catieosaurus, Vivid Vision, MissHenley, InGameGF, and Eleemoon.
Gaming clients include: AntVenom (3.3 million YouTube subscribers), CamillaPanda (3,100 Twitch followers), Catieosaurus (11,000 Twitch followers), Dangers (26,000 Twitch followers), Flo McNasty (19,000 Twitch followers), Kahlief Adams (24,000 Twitter followers), Jessie Cooks (64,000 Twitch followers), Joe Zieja (47,000 Twitch followers), Uhmaayyze (48,000 Twitch followers), Vivid Vision (55,000 YouTube subscribers), MissHenley (29,000 Twitch followers), InGameGF (2,400 Twitch followers), Eleemoon (49,000 Twitch followers)
Daniel Kang and Bill Kenny (partners and co-heads of gaming/esports)
Underscore Talent was founded in 2021 by digital media veterans Reza Izad and Dan Weinstein, the brains behind seminal multichannel network Studio71. The management company counts a roster that’s 200 clients deep across YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and more. 
Underscore formally launched its gaming division last year, led by Bill Kenny, who previously founded the esports consultancy WK Advisory Group, and Daniel Kang, a former agent at UTA. Together, they negotiate brand and platform deals for creators, and oversee business development for esports pros. 
Gaming clients include: Scump (1.3 million Twitch followers), Vinnie Hacker (14.9 million TikTok followers), Codemiko (918,000 Twitch followers), Aydan (2.8 million Twitch followers), Hector Rodriguez (961,000 YouTube subscribers), Shotzzy (202,000 Twitch followers), JustaMinx (2 million Twitch followers)
Cody Hock and Cole Hock (cofounders)
Cody and Cole Hock cofounded the Toronto-based management firm Up North Management nearly four years ago. The firm specializes in esports and gaming talent management, brand building, innovative content, and original business ventures.
Cody previously worked for several Hollywood talent management companies, production studios, and law firms, including Lionsgate and Entertainment One. Cole began his career in the music industry, studying at Syracuse University’s Bandier Program in Recording and Entertainment Industries.
Up North represents a roster of over 20 content creators and streamers across social media and has managed partnerships with Best Buy, Bose, Chipotle, Coca-Cola, HBO Max, Pizza Hut, Samsung, and Toyota.
Beyond traditional management, Up North has also invested in the mobile gaming company Backbone alongside its client Formula, as well as in the app 1v1me with its clients NoisyButters and JGOD.
Up North’s latest venture is Enjoy Basketball, a lifestyle and media brand cofounded with leading “NBA 2K” game creator and longtime client KOT4Q (Kenny Beecham). In “Enjoy Basketball’s” first 100 days, the brand amassed a social following of more than 120,000 fans, built a basketball newsletter with over 30,000 subscribers, and launched two apparel collections that each sold out within three hours.
Gaming clients include: KOT4Q (1.2 million YouTube subscribers)  NoisyButters (1.2 million YouTube subscribers), Formula (4.6 million YouTube subscribers), Coconut Brah (1.6 million YouTube subscribers)
Damon Lau (head of esports), Paul Coggiola (agent), Travis Mynard (agent), Mike Lee (agent), Alex Don (agent), and Hana Tjia (agent)
UTA is one of the major Hollywood talent agencies, representing actors, directors, and other entertainment professionals — including esports pros and streamers.
Prior to leading UTA’s esports division, Lau was the cofounder and CEO of Press X, which focused on talent and marketing in the esports industry, and Everyday Influencers, a management company representing streamers. Both companies were acquired by UTA in June 2018. 
Lau’s team includes agents Coggiola, Mynard, and Mike Lee, who cofounded both firms with Lau; and Tjia and Don, who are also agents.
Alongside her team, Tjia told Insider that she works with her clients to help them explore other entertainment verticals, such as film, fashion, and music.
“The next generation of creators are multi-faceted, and we’ll see a lot of long-form livestream content in the shape of podcasts, talk shows, and live shopping,” Tjia said.
Gaming clients include: FaZe Clan (8 million YouTube subscribers), Pokimane (6 million YouTube subscribers),  Mongraal (4 million YouTube subscribers), Swagg (2.5 million YouTube subscribers), Valkyrae (3 million YouTube subscribers
Richard “Shibby” Webb (digital media agent), Conor Beesemyer (digital media agent), and Ben Lindemer (digital media agent)
WME is one of the big Hollywood agencies representing artists, content creators, and talent across books, digital media, film, food, music, sports, television, and theater, and, now, gaming.
As the head of gaming at the agency, Webb has over 15 years of experience in the space. Prior to working at WME, he was the VP of Sales at esports team FaZe Clan, and he currently represents both gaming content creators and profaessional esports players.
Beesemyer, who also joined WME from FaZe Clan, represents gamers, hosts, and other gaming-adjacent talent such as Disguised Toast, who makes longform videos for YouTube. 
Lindemer leads esports and gaming influencer partnerships at WME. He has previously managed top gaming talent in the sports gaming space at Whistle Sports.
Throughout the end of 2022, Webb said he expects gaming to continue to cross over into all areas of entertainment.
“A recent example of this was TimTheTatman’s Tailgate, a creator-led, two-day event that had live musical performances, gaming tournaments, an auto show, yard games, and a wide range of celebrity meet-and-greets,” he told Insider.
Gaming clients include: TimTheTatman (4.6 million YouTube subscribers), Disguised Toast (3 million YouTube subscribers), Cloakzy (2.8 million Twitch followers), ZooMaa (255,000 Twitch followers)
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