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Steven Slate Drums have launched Trigger 2 Free, the free version of their incredibly capable, $120, drum replacement plugin. Trigger 2 Free has slightly fewer samples and features than the full version, but you’ll still find six kick and six snare pro drum samples, eight of which can be triggered simultaneously, with individual level, pan and tune controls. Each sample comes with three individual mic samples to blend together into your own unique sound.
It’s easy to use and build natural sounding drum replacements with Trigger 2 Free. The two white lines represent the threshold. Any sound beyond will show a red indicator and trigger the sample. The Detail knob adjusts the threshold, while the Sensitivity dial suppresses leakage and helps avoid accidental triggers. The GUI is resizable and retina to suit your setup.
Also available for free from Steven Slate Drums is the updated Trigger Instrument Editor. A standalone application that helps you create better samples in less time, by designing your own multi-velocity, round-robin drum samples to use in Trigger 2.
The plugin is available in AAX, VST and AU formats, 64-bit only, and requires at least 4GB of RAM. Trigger 2 Free is compatible with Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.9 or later (not compatible with GarageBand on macOS Big Sur). Head here to create a free Steven Slate Audio account and access the download. Once you’ve exhausted the free version, click here to see if the full version is for you.
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