Morphii plugin measures emotion & intensity of users
Vizbii Technologies, Inc., creators of Morphii®, are debuting a new plugin that enables any website (or blog) created on WordPress to harness the power behind capturing user experiences like emotions—and their intensity. The plugin includes a library of pre-set questions that allow subscribers to easily pick and choose what to ask the consumers who visit their site.
“Everyone is struggling to maintain and grow their customer base in this age where Experience is king. And, in order to provide better experiences, organizations need more, more timely, more accurate, and more actionable data. A Morphii plugin for WordPress was a great way to get this plug-and-play solution to the masses,” explains CEO Julie Moreland—a veteran in the technology space. “We’ve done the hard work for you—developing questions and responses to make Morphii and its data accessible across industries and use-case scenarios. You simply select the question you’d like to ask your audience, place it on your website, then reap the benefits of engaging directly with consumers to drive empathy and, ultimately, loyalty.”
The function of the plugin is straightforward. Like other WordPress plugins, there is a free-forever entry point. It gives you access to a small library of questions designed for a variety of industries and clientele. Examples include, “How does this content make you feel?” and “How do you feel about our products?” Users respond with morphiis, adaptable graphic images that allow people to share exactly what they’re feeling, and how intensely. The plugin’s dashboard then tracks and synthesizes these reactions in real-time.
“The importance of capturing the intensity of any experience cannot be overstated. How powerfully people feel their emotions is what really drives their behavior,” Director of Operations, Liz Gurley, says. “If a segment of your customers express that your products or services made them mildly disappointed, you’d want to address that issue immediately and refine the journey before it intensifies and changes their behavior toward your brand, right? Simply observing customers and waiting for a compelling sample to tell you what’s wrong is a gamble (with a network effect) when a simple and authentic exchange can engage customers and facilitate real-time understanding.”
Prior to developing the WordPress plugin, Morphii’s web-enabled widget and integrations for more traditional survey platforms like Qualtrics XM, Forsta (FocusVision + Confirmit) and Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) have given Vizbii’s market research partners access to the technology’s engaging interface and a new class of incredibly predictive experience data.
"Morphii not only provides reliable insights – it fulfills an obligation to make the feedback process more engaging and efficient for respondents, while providing stakeholders with a competitive market differentiator that is simple and cost-effective to deploy using existing technology channels." -Tricia Houston, COO/Founder, MMR Live Experience Design
Morphii can live anywhere on any WordPress webpage and is now available in the WordPress plugin store. The team is also releasing Pro and Pro Plus versions, wherein users can access expanded question libraries and capture additional open-ended feedback.
Vizbii focuses on bringing the science of emotion to the masses with simple, accurate capture technology. Morphiis, the digital faces of expression, allow people to express human emotions on digital platforms, capturing and quantifying the intensity of reactions to provide rich actionable experience data that organizations can actually use to predict behavior and plan accordingly. Morphiis can be embedded into existing technologies through plugins, widgets and APIs. Morphii has partnered with Market Research professionals and Fortune 500 companies bringing these tools to brand and human resources initiatives. To learn more, visit
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