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Developer Brian Wampler has recently revealed his latest pedal – Metaverse – a multi-delay pedal.
Metaverse includes a plethora of features with a hands-on design, as well as eleven free plug-ins.
The Wampler Metaverse multi-delay pedal is for you, if you’re in search of a range of delay effects and not looking to search through a big menu of options.
With eleven programmable types of delay, the Metaverse pedal allows you to mould each algorithm via the switch at its top. Now you can take charge of your sound and adjust it with five parameters: delay, feedback, mod, mix and tone.
You can access the eleven delay algorithms with the knob in the top left corner to incorporate analog-style delay, modulated delay, bucket brigade delay and an analog-style flanger delay listed under JET.
The pedal offers signature Wampler sounds such as The Doctor (DOC), the Faux Tape Echo (FTE) and the Ethereal Delay (ETH), in addition to digital flanger delay, Space Echo Delay, multi-head delay and a digital delay.
Metaverse comes with eight presets but it has space for a total of 128 presets. And if you do buy the multi-delay pedal then You’ll have access to eleven effect plugins for free! Therefore, all of the hardware algorithms to be accessed on a DAW.
Other features include:
Finally, the digital Metaverse pedal has a sample rate of 48 kHz and boasts to transmit the signal from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
The Wampler Metaverse pedal is now available for $349. Alternatively, you can buy the additional plugins without the pedal for $49.99.
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