A couple of weeks ago I shared a handy WordPress plugin that helps to smartly interlink your blog content (best to naturally link to your categories and tags). The post was very well-received, so today I am following up with the overview of all WordPress plugins that help to (automatically) interlink your blog posts, pages and categories.
With this plugin you will be able to give a keyword and the destination page and it will be linked globally throughout the blog:
You can import multiple keywords from a CSV file:
Interlinking WP
This plugin makes it easier to find related posts while you are creating content.
The process looks as follows:
Additionally, you can:
Via settings you can configure:
Insights settings
1. Inlinks: hyperlinks any given keyword with any given URL. However there’s no way to set the number of links per page. Besides, attempting to delete one of the entries I got “You do not have permission” (so who does if I am an admin of that blog???)
2. Interlinks: it says it interlinks posts “wiki-style” but in reality the wiki-style is actually the syntax. I don’t think it is really usable (maybe for some it isn’t!).
3. Cross-linker (same for KB Linker): seems to be installed and configured successfully but never hyperlinked anything (not sure what is wrong).
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