Just about everything has gone digital. Handing over a business card to a new business lead is no different. It’s just click or two away on your mobile device.
In today’s tech-savvy world, there are apps that design, store and send digital business cards to other mobile devices.
With digital business cards, you no longer need to rummage around a drawer overflowing with business cards to follow-up on a connection. These apps make it easier than ever to organize your connections.

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Apps For Creating a Digital Business Card

Here are 10 apps that you can use to create your digital business card:


SnapDat is a free digital business card app that easily integrates with iPhone Address book. SnapDat business cards “SnapCards” can be shared though email or via the app. The app allows you to create multiple digital business cards for different purposes. And it’s convenient for both personal and business use.


CamCard is among the best business card apps, and for a good reason. It is intuitive as it is able to read and scan cards in over 15 languages. It also allows you to import information from social media feeds. While you can try it for free, the app will set you back $5 per user per month for the Team package and $12 per user per month for the business package.


Knowee offers several key features including, clickable links and thumbnails, an in-depth storage system, and you can also make direct calls from the card. The app has free Basic and Premium plans for a year, while the Business plan costs between 74 cents and $3.55 per user per month.


This app allows you to manage your digital business cards in your app’s back office and create templates that you can deploy to your team’s smartphones. Inigo works with both Apple and Android devices. The standard version, appropriate for teams, is $5.49 per month, billed annually. A free version is also available.


This is a modern business card solution that allows anyone to receive your cards even if they don’t have the app installed. Haystack also allows you to scan, share, update and store contact info with a simple scan of the card. You can also easily create your card from scratch. This app costs $4 per month for Premium plan and $199 per month for Enterprise plan. A Forever Free plan is also available.


This application allows you to create digital business cards with a responsive design that’s optimized for mobile devices and a unique web page address. eVaunt also allows you to embed a Google Map, upload a profile photo as well as display social networking icons.


This is one of the best electronic cards out there. The platform allows you to create a digital hub giving your customers the option to choose how they connect with you. For instance, you can have a small bio telling a little more about yourself. You can also have a video introduction as well as all your social networks in one place. OneCard has a free plan, but if you are looking for pro options then you will have to part with $12 per month or $120 per year.


Available for both Android and iOS, this free digital business card app allows you to create, store and send your contacts to all interested parties. Clinck allows you to add a personal message, photo, logo or LinkedIn profile, together with clickable links to your website.


Then there’s about.me which allows you to turn your page on the app into a shareable electronic business card you can send via email or your phone. You can share any combination of information from your about.me page including your email, phone number, photo and more. Your recipients can then save your details in their phone’s address book.


This is a digital business card app that allows you to create a rich, dynamic presentations culled from your social media content. Icon automatically aggregates content from your business’ social feeds including networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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Aira Bongco
I have been using Canva for all my graphic needs. It seems that there are also other apps that I can use. Thanks for the share.
I have an About.me page. I will check out the other sites.
Thanks for teaching me all about the options in digital business cards. I am using SnapDat because it is free and works well with Apple iPhones. Next, I will try your suggestion of CamCard because of its extensive language capabilities. Today’s business world is global.
David Caldwell
Switchit is a great digital business card app as well. It supports video, audio, graphics, your contact info and social media accounts. Great contact management system, popular integrations and more. switchitapp.com
I have been using vCard Global now for a couple of months and it works well with all types of phones. I would like the Business card scanner that Haystack offers. Does anyone use multiple digital cards?
I just came across the term Mobile Business Cards – I am new to all this. Where I find more information on what is Mobile Business Card; how does it help a small business in lead generation; more sales etc; its features so on.
Aron Beitis
Hi Ragini,
With GotKard, everytime I share a business card with someone I also get to save their email which allow me to follow up with them proactively. I use the emails to send a news letter to keep them informed about updates on the industry I work and my services as well.
Hi Ragini,
you may connect with me on pra***** @ajartech.in for more details.
The free Scannable app (iPhone only, I think) provides great business card scanning with OCR recognition and saves the results into iPhones contact list. This is not a business card app, but an excellent scanner app 🙂
i am using Linkcards in place of paper business cards. currently available on play store for android. awesome app.
I just installed and tried Linkcards and it’s simply awesome. Thanks for the info.
Sherri Wilson
I use the Shuffle app by Elify. I find this to be the best I’ve seen out there when it comes to virtual business cards. You get a 14 day free trial with no limitations. After the free trial, it is just $10/month, which is so worth the value you receive! We are able to create up to 10 unique cards, which does not include the ready made templates about the cards or their affiliate program. We can add videos, images. They have a built in contact manager with a follow-up reminder system. These cards have it all!
I have been using GotKard for a while now and I think its one of the best in the market for quality and available functionality.
I’m sold on Elify Shuffle – I tried 3 different companies and found Elify superior in function, support and cost.
I’ve been working on a project called Acquainted (www.acquainted.io) that tackles exactly this issue in a very new and innovative way. Most business card apps focus on scanning physical business cards. I think that’s a process that does not scale in any way and that will always have horrible UX. Acquainted focuses on creating directly digital business cards that can be seamlessly shared cross-platform and even with people that don’t have the app. It’s quite a new approach so feel free to check it out and tell us what you think.
Tim Burroughs
Michelle, which one did you decide to use?
I use the Shuffle app by Elify. I find this to be the best I’ve seen out there when it comes to virtual business cards. It is just $10 a month, which is so worth the value you receive! We are able to create up to 10 unique cards. We can add videos, images. They have a built in contact manager with a follow-up reminder system. These cards have it all!
Carly Malatskey
I’ve recently discovered HiHello – an app that lets you create and share your personalized, digital cards with others so easily. You can create many different cards – one for each context that you are interacting with others. For instance, I have a business card, personal card, and an events one.
So now I can now share my business-related information (work email, LinkedIn profile, etc) to those I meet in a business setting – they don’t even need the app to receive your card/contact details!
You can also scan the business cards you already have right into your contacts and this service is human-verified – so you know it’s always accurate.
It’s a great app and I highly recommend.
Try a new entrant to this space: https://hihello.me
HiHello has Digital Business card where you can create multiple cards and choose what information you would like to put on each card so that you can give the right information tot he right people. You can share your card with anyone — they do not need to have an app to receive your card. And you can also scan any paper business cards you may receive.
Thanks Antony for this amazing post. All the tools you have mentioned are very good, but recently heard about a new technique. I used “mobilo” to make my card, its very unique. You can share your contact details by tapping your phone on a card. I know its sounds interesting. It makes sharing easy and fast.
atish shah
i am intrested
I read your blogs and likes very much, you may like LetMyCard. LetMyCard capable to create a digital business card as well as printable also can download and share card as pdf
Digital business card is the growing industry, especially during these pandemic. I strongly preferred to use MEAU – Digital business docket company to create digital business card. Thanks for sharing the article.
Hi, for anyone interested in Digital Business Cards these guys can build you a card in a few days, customized with the content you need. Anyone you send it to can use it to contact you directly from there, add your contact details to their phone with one click….
It’s a pretty awesome service, here is the link: https:/simplecard.digital/
Puja Mukherjee
I think you can add another best digital visiting card app in your list which is EQUICARD. I have checked no of digital business card but I find it really easy to use with lots of features. I can even track my LEADS through this card and retarget them very easily.
I liked your content. I have an me page, about this similar article check this can help: digital card templates for Download editable:
Vijay Vardhan Singh
A digital business card platform makes designing a card simple, convenient, and reliable—create what you need in no time!
When choosing between digital and paper business cards, consider the needs of your target audience and ways of engaging with them. If offline events make an important part of your marketing strategy, you can’t do without traditional cards.
Hope all is well, I appreciate the time you took to write this article and would greatly appreciate if you would take scandacard.com into consideration in this or future articles. We are a startup but are offering a digital business that stands out from the rest. We are filled with an impressive amount of features that will help out any business size. Well hope to talk some time if you have any questions.
Stay safe and be well
John Gaviria
An eco-friendly approach towards anything is just awesome. Keep up the writing!
Qard is a contactless business card, and it’s really great. Once you have it you will know. Just tap it on your phone and the link will appear and you will have access to all your information. It is completely contactless. Qard is a magic card that allows you to share all your personal or professional social and business contacts with anyone you choose with just one tap or one scan. Grow with Qard. The most exciting part is yet to come. You don’t need an app to use Qard. It is completely free of applications, so it is completely safe. Sign up and you are good to go.
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