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Looking for a new YouTube channel? Try watching one of these entrepreneurs.
Being an isn’t easy. The media often likes to glorify it, but it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. There are ups and downs that both new and seasoned entrepreneurs experience, and sometimes a little inspiration and helps.
With video content exploding in popularity over the years, it’s resulted in many entrepreneur-focused channels being launched. My favorite time to consume YouTube content is in the morning during cardio. Over those 60 minutes each morning, I’ve come across a lot of channels — here are ten worth checking out and what you can learn from each one.
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Neistat’s channel is a great example of how building a loyal following can be beneficial regardless of what project you are working on. In his early vlogging days, his company Beme was the recipient of addition exposure via his YouTube audience, and today, Neistat’s 368 project is the primary focus.
With 10 million subscribers, Neistat’s channel is one of the most popular on YouTube. I’ve followed this channel since Neistat started to vlog daily, and what he has accomplished on YouTube is pretty incredible.
What I really enjoy about Casey is that he does things his way — his vlog is pure artistic talent, and his work has really shaped the way vlogging has evolved — just look at how many vloggers try to mimic his style. Neistat is a prime example of how following your passion can lead to doing what you love for a living.
You don’t have to be confined to a single opportunity as an entrepreneur — Karlie Kloss is a prime example of how you can pursue several projects and interests, even in completely different industries. Kloss is a supermodel and entrepreneur. She has walked for the most iconic brands in the fashion world, but it’s her entrepreneurial involvement that’s even more impressive.
Her YouTube channel is a mix of tech reviews, adventure and pertaining to her program Kode With Klossy, which is a coding initiative that provides opportunities and education for young women interested in computer science. She also has a healthy line of cookies — gluten-free and vegan — that benefit the CFDA and FEED. She’s a rock star and a great example to draw motivation from.
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Tanner J. Fox found success selling on FBA Those close to me know that I absolutely despise most online self-proclaimed gurus, but Fox’s channel is a breath of fresh air. I respect his no-nonsense approach, and entrepreneurs who are interested in showcasing lifestyle content on social media can use this as an example of how to do it correctly, with full disclosure and no fluff.
He’s walked the walk, creating several multi-million-dollar businesses on Amazon, and his video content provides free value to anyone interested in learning the ropes. There is no fluff or BS with Fox. Yes, he features his Lamborghini in many of his videos, but also explains why — it’s a business growth tool he’s been able to successfully leverage to grow this audience.
Patel is one of the top online marketing experts, and his YouTube channel is packed with valuable information. There is constantly new content being uploaded, which is no surprise — Patel is always ahead of the curve and clearly knows that video content is where the attention is right now, along with podcasts, which he is also going all-in on. This channel is a great source of information, with plenty of information that can be applied immediately to your business.
Watching Patel’s frequent videos provides you with actionable online marketing strategies that can work very well if applied correctly. There is no guessing or speculation on Patel’s part — he’s implemented them himself across his several businesses and online ventures.
This is a brand channel for Ghost, a supplement company, and their Building The Brand series is a must-watch. They are documenting the journey of building the Ghost brand and it highlights everything they are doing, from to formula testing and brand collaborations.
This peek inside approach is something more brands should consider. You really get a feel of what the company stands for when you get to know the people behind it. I have the utmost respect for the entire Ghost founding team and what they have accomplished thus far.
While a very innovative and cool company, you see that it takes work to be successful. They show the wins and good times, but they also highlight all of the struggles and time it takes to achieve goals. One of their most recent videos highlights a new brand collaboration that was three-years in the making. It’s a great reminder that overnight success is non-existent.
I’ve been following Vaynerchuk for years and remember when his YouTube channel had less than 80,000 subscribers. The channel is the home for The #AskGaryVee Show, his DailyVee series, keynotes and various other interviews. The channel now has more than 1.6 million subscribers — the fruits of constantly pumping out value-packed content.
If you need a fire lit under you, look no further — there is nobody better at saying it like it is than Vaynerchuk — no BS and no fluff. Just really honest and true advice.
Vaynerchuk doesn’t hold back and he will be the first person to tell you that isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. It’s hard work, and not everyone is cut out for the lifestyle. While some may tell you what they are doing, Vaynerchuck is showing you, on a daily basis. From 5 a.m. flights to 11 p.m. meetings, it’s all documented.
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Marie Forleo is a top lifestyle and online marketing expert, and the founder of B-School, an online business school for modern entrepreneurs. She has also mentored young entrepreneurs at Richard Branson’s Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa.
Forleo’s YouTube channel is the home of MarieTV, where she provides helpful tips related to chasing your dreams and turning them into reality. She also answers questions submitted by her viewers and followers. Her numbers are impressive — 500,000 YouTube subscribers, 536,000 followers on Facebook, 204,000 on Twitter and 350,000 on Instagram.
There is a good chance that some of your burning questions will be addresses in her Q&A sessions that her video series features. Often times knowing that other entrepreneurs have the same questions, concerns and struggles as you provides a level of comfort that can help you continue to push toward your goals.
Roberto Blake is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. His channel is all about motivating creative people and encouraging them to leverage that creativity to start a business, creating a career they enjoy.
Blake has built a loyal following and his video content is full of actionable advice, with those looking to ditch the 9-to5 life and start an online business. There are many freelance strategies discussed and his channel is a great source for someone interested in what kind of creative opportunities exist online.
This channel is great for someone on the fence — someone that has a unique talent or skillset that can be transformed into a business opportunity, but just needs a little encouragement to take the leap. Not everyone has a strong support system, so having a source of motivation to turn to can be very helpful and encouraging.
Pat Flynn is one of the original online personalities, creating his first six-figure online business ten years ago after being laid off. There are two things I love about his channel — he doesn’t use bling or lifestyle to reel in views. Instead, he offers full transparency — his wins, failures and how much money each business generates.
Flynn enjoys helping other entrepreneurs succeed, whether it’s from digital product creation, software development, affiliate marketing, etc. — his advice and information is real and raw — and he speaks from experience, not speculation. One of the big takeaways from Flynn’s channel is that he is giving advice based on personal success. His earnings are documented and fully disclosed, which validates his points and makes them more valuable than most content out there.
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Russell Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, which is one of the most popular and successful plug-and-play funnel building tools. His channel is a great source of information, even if you aren’t a user of his software.
Funnels have become such an important component of online sales, and the information Brunson publishes applies to online marketing in general — not just on the ClickFunnels platform. He’s been in the online marketing game for over a decade and his experience and insight is a great source of inspiration.
This channel provides so much free marketing advice that can be applied to any business. For example, Brunson recently appeared on the NBC show The Profit with Marcus Lemonis and the information he gave is priceless. You can view that video clip here. There is endless information available to consume, costing you nothing but your time.
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