With so many free resources from websites to YouTube tutorials available to help teach new skills, it’s a great time to be a developer.
Whether you’re learning how to code, a self-taught programmer, or an industry veteran, podcasts in particular can be a convenient tool for enhancing your skills and technical knowledge. But being a software developer isn’t just about complicated code and programming languages — developers create and maintain products that influence our everyday lives, so it’s important to understand the human impact software creates, too. 
While many shows help break down the technical, there are several popular podcasts that discuss that impact and touch on often overlooked aspects of development. Many are also hosted by developers themselves, who provide behind-the-scenes looks at careers in programming. Software developers also use podcasts to share career tips, thoughts on current tech news, and what it’s like to be a tech worker during a huge moment of change within the industry.
Based on feedback from developers on social media, Insider compiled a list of podcasts every aspiring software developer can add to their queue to improve their programming skills. 
Stack Overflow is a popular question and answer website for developers. Developers dealing with tricky code can usually find someone on Stack Overflow to help out. 
The Stack Overflow Podcast features honest discussions about what it means to work in software, featuring developers across experience levels. The podcast discusses current tech news, tips on how to become a better programmer, and bigger issues like how technology is changing the world. 
The current hosts are Ben Popper, Matt Kiernander, Cassidy Williams, and Ceora Ford. Popper works at Stack Overflow as the website’s director of content, while Kiernander, Williams and Ford are long-time developers in the industry. 
Command Line Heroes is a podcast about the people who quietly build and maintain most of the internet: open source developers.
The podcast goes in depth into the lives of programmers, hackers, and developers who are changing tech. It’s hosted by Saron Yitbarek, founder of programmer community CodeNewbie, and funded by open source startup Red Hat.
Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World breaks down difficult tech concepts, like defining enterprise tech or what it means for a password to appear in a data leak. 
Tech Talker aims to demystify the complicated tech that runs our lives, and what to do when that tech inevitably breaks. The podcast is hosted by Eric Escobar, who writes content for the tech website QDT
Accidental Tech Podcast is a general tech podcast that goes into detail about a new topic each week. 
Hosts and developers Macro Arment, Casey Liss, and John Sirucasa go in depth about Apple products, programming languages, and software development while maintaining a fun and conversational tone. 
The Changelog has been around for 11 years, featuring developers Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo talking to open source leaders, hackers, and other crucial engineers to the software world. 
With a rich online community and over 400 episodes, this podcast is a great pick for a starting developer to know more about the open source web and how tech impacts people online.
Learn to Code with Me is for aspiring developers looking to better understand the industry.
Host Laurence Bradford interviews self-taught developers — from airport security guards to stay-at-home parents — about their journeys transitioning into tech. Bradford and her guests provide helpful career tips for beginner developers looking to get a foot in the door. 
Tech plays a huge role in our lives, for better or for worse, and Analog(ue) is a podcast about how tech makes people feel.
In each episode, developer Casey Liss and podcast host Myke Hurley take an in-depth look at how software impacts people’s lives from the friendships they make to how people feel about work.
It goes into the human impact of the tech developers create, an important factor to consider for any programmer making software today.
Developer Jonathan Cutrell started Developer Tea to help engineers find a higher-purpose in their work. With over 650 episodes, Developer Tea asks developers across industries the ultimate question: what is the point of your work? 
The podcast, with episodes that run only 15 to 20 minutes long, takes a step back from the frantic work that goes into tech and looks at the industry through a more philosophical lens. 
Code Newbie is hosted by Saron Yitbarek, founder of the programmer community also called CodeNewbie, which helps connect people who want to learn how to code.
Yitbarek interviews self-taught developers about their own journeys into tech, giving job advice as well as personal advice on how to manage the difficulties of learning how to code. 
Python is the bedrock of most software today. Known as a beginner-friendly language, Python is still used in complex software like data structures and machine learning. 
Talk Python to Me helps aspiring developers navigate the long and diverse history of Python, and its various use cases. Developer Michael Kennedy interviews Python leaders in web development, machine learning, data science, and academia.
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