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Over the past years, podcasts have seen a steady rise in popularity. Considering people’s on-demand lifestyles, it’s not surprising that podcasts have become favorites of the audio realm — not only for consumers and content creators but also for advertising platforms. 
According to a report published by market research store Research and Market, the Global Podcasting Market size is expected to balloon to  $41.8B by 2026 at a market growth of 24.6 per cent CAGR. The report also states that the projected success is mainly due to the accessible nature of the medium and the rise of at-home listening during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
If you are looking to develop your business acumen, or stay up to date on the Dutch startup ecosystem, here’s our list of the best 12 podcasts. Let’s dive in!
Language: English is a weekly podcast that brings you the most interesting stories from the European technology scene. The folks at interview guests who share their journeys, knowledge and tips/techniques with the listeners. Recent episodes explore topics like automation unicorns, the problems with startups valuations and more. If you are interested, you can check out the links here.

Language: Dutch
In this weekly podcast, Caroline Glasbergen interviews female leaders to find out how they make an impact while remaining true to themselves. New Female Leaders shed light on their barriers, insights into how they got where they are and personal tips on how to lead authentically from your core. Do you want to be inspired? Listen to the podcasts here
Language: English
Are you looking to build an Edtech startup? This podcast may help you realise your dreams. In this weekly podcast, Peter van Sabben talks to Dutch and European pioneers who work in the Edtech sector and push learning innovation forward. 
The host also uncovers their personal stories, market knowledge and vision around the future of learning. The podcast is powered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Marine Terrein Amsterdam, Growth Tribe, Itorium, and StartupAmsterdam. If you want to give it a try, click here
Language: Dutch
Fast Moving Targets is a decade-old, weekly podcast. In a program called Top Name, the digital vanguards of the Netherlands have been interviewed since 2010. Want to check out? Click here.
Language: English
The Scale Lab, powered by TechLeap, explores topics on how to scale up your company beyond the Netherlands. Hosts Constantijn van Oranje and Joe Wilson talk to remarkable Dutch entrepreneurs uncovering their scaling journeys like funding strategies, approaching VC and investors, expanding abroad, and much more. Are you a budding entrepreneur? Check it out here.
Language: Dutch
If you want to learn more about Venture Capital, At The Money is a podcast you should definitely listen to. In the Golden Egg Check, At The Money podcast, host Thomas Mensink talks to entrepreneurs who are about to raise growth capital, or have recently done so, and with investors who invest in such startups and scaleups. You can listen to it here
Language: English
Hosted by David Beckett, Pitch Coach, TEDx speech coach and founder of the Best3Minutes pitch methodology, The Essential Pitch podcast deals with how to make great pitches and presentations to raise money, win business, and grow your confidence. 
In this podcast, David Beckett talks to people who are doing it at the highest level. Recently, he interviewed David Arnoux, co-founder of The Growth Tribe and Ben Lyttleton, author of 12 Yards, among others. Want to get inspired? Click here
Language: English
In this podcast, Agnes Bilik interviews entrepreneurs and inspiring personalities, focusing on their challenges, struggles, failures, and fears. With this podcast, Bilik aims to provide more transparency and actionable insights for people who want to start their own business. You can check out the entire playlist here
Language: Dutch
If you are looking for something light, check out the Met Nerds om Tafel podcast. The podcast packs humor and tech in which nerds Floris, Jurian, and Randal discuss fascinating topics with a guest nerd while enjoying a Nerd beer. It’s a  podcast for the nerds, by the nerds. Click here to listen to it now. 
Language: English and Dutch
Want to catch up on economics, entrepreneurship, and world politics? Tune into the BNR podcast. You can check out various categories in the podcast including Construction & Infrastructure, Career & Leadership, Lifestyle, Mobility, and much more. Click here to explore the topic. 
Language: English
Powered by HelloMaaS & Frankwatching, HelloMaster is a podcast about marketing, strategy, and teams. In this podcast, host Louise Doorn talks to CMOs, marketing leaders and founders about the rapidly changing landscape. You can listen to those stories here
Language: English 
Hosted by Sebastiaan van der Lans, The Trusted Web podcast talks about a trustworthy and inclusive web where everyone can find the truth and feel safe. 
The recent episode involves topics including Building Public Trust with Transparency, Building Trust With The Most Innovative Business Leaders, Corrections in  the Era of Fake News, and many more. 
Click here to start listening.
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Silicon Canals 2014-2022 | Website: Bright Idiots
Silicon Canals 2014-2022 | Website: Bright Idiots
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