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As we’re still far away from the start of the 2022 NFL season, I decided I wanted to drop two predictions for the Dallas and see how they panned out at the end of the year.
While I know there could still be changes that could affect the outcome of my predictions, I’m going to stick with them no matter what, and write up a piece to see how right or wrong I was.
Without further ado, check them out below.
The last time an East team repeated as Division Champions was in 2004 and given the Cowboys won last year, I predict they will break the longest active streak in NFL among division winners and repeat as NFC East Champs.
With the way the has gone, you had some teams who made some signings, but none were huge moves that blew your mind. If I had to spotlight the biggest one, it would have to be the trading for since they now have a starting QB, but it’s not something that is going to warrant any challenge to the Cowboys.
Despite the Wentz , the ‘ biggest acquisition was Haason Reddick and for the , it was… Quarterback Tyrod Taylor?
Although I don’t feel like any teams are going to present a fight to the Cowboys, I could see the Eagles and the causing some trouble for them. While the Giants did hire Brian Daboll, who should do wonders elevating QB ‘s game, the Giants still have many questions around their whole team.
Once it was announced that WR was getting shipped out of town to the , it felt like it was one of those moments that you remember where exactly you were when big news broke.
(I was at a local Starbucks enjoying my Iced Caramel Macchiato and I almost threw it across the cafe once I saw their trade compensation. Just kidding, well maybe.)
Now faced with who was going to replace Cooper, the franchise re-signed WR and went after Former Steelers WR in , which to some was an odd .
New #Cowboys WR James Washington (5-11, 213) with a pair of nice grabs against MIN last year, particularly showing off his impressive 39-inch vertical. Washington has primarily been a deep threat throughout his career (15.1 ADOT). pic..com/wrLr1shKj2

Washington, who broke into the league in 2018, was known as a speedster coming out of , and he showcased it a lot during the beginning of his career in Pittsburgh. However, because of poor-QB play and limited opportunities Washington went from having 44 catches for 735 yards in his second year to just 24 catches for 285 yards this past season.
As it’s being reported that Gallup is going to be out for a couple of games, there is no clear answer if he will be up to game speed right away. I understand that he and have that connection already that dates back a couple of seasons, but he will still be returning from an ACL .
I predict Washington will be a sneaky, good WR2 behind WR and will be praising the front office for the signing when they see him burning opposing corners. Yes, the franchise can still upgrade the room through free agency or the , but I feel like they’re comfortable with what they have.
Overall, despite the franchise losing some key starters and not being so aggressive in free agency, they’re still built to win the division. Now, if you want to talk about their chances toward a run, I feel like you have a better chance at winning the lottery because they’re not close to competing for a Lombardi just yet.
The franchise still has time to make some moves and hit on the draft, but their time is running out and teams around them are just getting better.

Rolling with the Boyz since 96′. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.
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I am not counting on Gallup contributing much at all this year. He and Dak have never had great chemistry and it will not improve with Gallup having no time in training camp with Dak. I think they would have been much better off signing Cedric Wilson with whom Dak had been connecting with pretty routinely at the end of the season.
Cowboys as NFC east champs is not a “bold” prediction, IMO, as it’s the weakest division in the league. Bold prediction would be if they don’t win that division. Giants are pretty lame, and the other two are not much better, although Wash defense is pretty strong. Just not sure how Wentz will perform. IF he plays well, and they draft a hot shot WR to pair with McLaurin (which they probably will do), could be some competition.
And just how typical would that be if Washington outplays Gallup and then the team has to let him walk in 2023 because of Gallup’s overpay and Lamb being ready for his extension?
Could be good value in the 2nd round to find a quality WR, who could be at worst a #2 WR or at best a fringe #1.
Typical hype for the Cowboys. I’m going with trends and the trend says one year up, next year down…. this organization isn’t built to win, they haven’t been in 25 years. Jerruh is a great salesman however many fans are sick and tired of his and his sons BS.
The Cowboys are a decent team. not SB contenders, they will prob be 10-7 next season. We wont be as good as we were this year, were not americas team anymore, I personally am a cowboys fan, and we usually always make it to wild card, but then lose, idk they might surprise me next year. we will at least win 6 games. all against division rivals, every team in our division is absolute trash, the eagle r ok tho.
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