For various reasons, a business may need to obtain a loan during its growth phase. Proper funding can help a business to stay afloat as it caters to the necessary business requirements.
Due to different factors, a business may not be eligible for a traditional bank loan. However, following technological advancements and almost everything going online, businesses facing financial challenges can now borrow loans from online platforms.
Typically, when there are options to any situation, there are primarily merits and demerits. The same goes for funding alternatives. The merits offered by online lending platforms are what will mostly propel a business towards obtaining funds from there.
Here are three top reasons that make online business loans favorable.
Small businesses looking for PPP loan alternatives should consider online business loans. Online loans are arguably the fastest ways to obtain funding. Offline loan applications require a lot of paperwork or documentation, which can take days to complete. However, someone makes their application entirely online with an online business loan. The algorithms used even to check eligibility requirements make the whole process much faster.
Since no bulky documentation is required after submitting the application and approving an online business loan, borrowers are assured that their valuable documentation is not floating around needlessly. Only essential information pieces, for example, a business tax ID, Social Security Number, and financial statements are required.
Traditional loans may take days to be approved, but online lending platforms have addressed this issue, and most of them provide quick funding within hours or the same day of application.
Online loan verification is done digitally, which is very practical for someone who needs an emergency loan. Offline loan sources are typically slower and even prove more expensive for borrowers who desperately need money from the trips they may have to make.
One of the top reasons a business may not be approved for a loan is failure to meet the eligibility criteria. Collateral, guarantors, and credit score are usually primary considerations for traditional business loans. Those with poor credit scores or who cannot provide collateral or guarantee do not get approved.
However, many online lenders offer unsecured loans; such lenders do not need collateral or a personal guarantee. The lack of collateral provision can come through for a business without collateral or valuable assets. Collateral provision is risky, especially for small businesses.
Even though online lenders still check a borrower’s credit score, they are less strict and usually more concerned with a borrower’s ability to pay back, for example, as determined by time in business or other business data. A business with substantial returns but a bad credit score can still get a loan.
Online lenders offer much flexibility since most are available throughout, unlike financial institutions and banks that have closing hours or may not operate during certain days like holidays. Whenever a loan application feels convenient, someone can apply online.
Traditional lenders like banks are usually stringent on their terms like loan amounts and payment schedules. A loan must be paid on time as agreed. However, many online platforms provide negotiation avenues for those unable to meet their obligations for some reason.
Approaching one lender may provide off-the-shelf products. However, there is a vast pool of lenders online with different kinds of loan products such as term loans, microloans, merchant cash advances, equipment financing, invoice factoring, peer-to-peer lending, and crowdfunding. Lenders also offer these loans at different terms, rates, and conditions. Regardless of the business needs or goals, chances are there is an online lender to help, be it a loan for a start-up or an established business. Borrowers can therefore compare and choose a lender who best suits their needs and get approved if everything goes well.
At the onset, someone can pick what is appropriate without being forced to accept what is being offered. Online lending marketplaces can even match a business with an appropriate lender and offer a variety of loan options. Developments like e-banking, e-signatures, and digital records now facilitate the prevalence of online business loans.
Additionally, the objective and algorithm-based criteria used by online lenders remove the subjectivity applicants may suffer by physically approaching a lender. Some factors that are mostly irrelevant in a loan application, like an evaluator bias and personal particulars, are not something to worry about.
Online lending will usually not be a relationship-based activity benefiting all parties.
An online business loan can enable a business to efficiently and quickly accomplish its objectives like meeting expenses, expansion needs, hiring needs, financing equipment, marketing, handling payroll, and more.
Through an online loan, a business can get better chances of approval, with less strict requirements, convenience, and a broader variety to choose from. That is not to mean that online loans do not have their downsides. Borrowers who feel the benefits outweigh the downsides and that online business loans will improve business health should consider them.
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