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What makes lead generation so special?
Increasing leads means increasing brand awareness, nurturing interesting prospects through the marketing funnel. Proper lead generation tools and strategies help build strong, long-lasting relationships with your clients. 
If you are searching for the most effective lead generation tactics, this guide will walk you through five best practices that can be utilized by different businesses, from start-ups to large-scale corporations.
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The goal of a landing page is to capture info from contacts in exchange for something valuable, such as a special promo code or B2B insights in the shape of an eBook. Optimizing this page is vital to encourage users to share their data and obtain the best results. Also, such pages stand out from other site sections because they do not live in the evergreen navigation of a platform. The average conversion rate for landing pages is 9.7%. Wordstream has conducted an analysis that showed a reasonable conversion rate is around 2-5%.
Once you have clear goals in mind, the next step to optimizing a landing page is optimizing the headline. It should be brief and concise, as well as grab the reader’s attention. 90 percent of users who read headlines will also read call-to-action (CTA) copy. Just make sure your headline is 2-7 words long, contains numbers, or starts intriguing (e.g., “Lessons I’ve Learned From Studying Money”), and is simple. Also, odd-numbered headlines perform better than even-numbered counterparts.
The on-page content should be mistake-free and sound persuasive. It must contain subheadings, images, infographics, or bullet-point lists to make it easier to read. After reading the information on the landing page, a user should want to try your product or service or share something in return.
Visuals are critical for landing pages, and they can significantly enhance lead generation if they depict problem solutions properly. At the same time, pics and videos should not impact the page load time adversely, so make sure to optimize visual content before publishing.
Relevant CTAs should pop up in a prime location on the page to be easily visible.
As technologies keep on emerging and evolving, marketing experts are able to gather more data on the preferences of their target audience than earlier. This data allows targeting messages in the way the audience wants to view them, which leads to a higher return on investment (ROI). Such an effective method is known as data-driven content marketing. It’s vital nowadays as 72 percent of marketing specialists agree that this statistical approach to content increases engagement and boosts leads.
Knowing who you plan to reach is way easier if you invest in data-driven content marketing. Describing the target audience by demographics alone is no longer enough. Data-driven content marketing is about collecting and analyzing more consumer data to have a clear picture of the buyer persona in mind.
So, the more you know about your clients’ preferences and habits, the better you can offer them what they want and when. This strategy allows upselling and positioning your brand when consumers may demand it. In addition, data-driven content marketing can help save plenty of resources when appropriately implemented.
Some of the available content formats include:
The main challenge is to present all of the research findings in the form of a magazine-style package. It’s possible to promote a white paper through multiple channels, such as email, social media, site, video, blog post, and ads.
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Social media as an effective marketing tool helps connect to billions of people and position your brand in the best possible light. Minimize cart abandonment by remarketing goods or building audiences based on similar preferences – the opportunities are only growing.
However, social media is not the only way to engage the audience and interact with them directly. There are other advertising platforms, beyond the social media ecosystem, that reach your potential customers within multiple placements, from mobile apps to Connected TV devices. Granular targeting, real-time reporting, omnichannel access and other benefits are available on multiple Demand-side platforms today.
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Expanding your email list assists with getting to know your clients on a personal level.
46% of marketing experts say that email marketing is a crucial lead generation tactic, also necessary for lead nurturing. After a user signs up for your email, they show loyalty towards your brand in exchange for the original content. Emails allow educating your clients and promoting your goods and services. Such opt-ins as sidebar widgets, after-post widgets, lightbox pop-ups, slide-ins, and floating footer bars help capture leads.
45% of B2B customers report that interactive content is one of their top-preferred content types. It’s easy: in case a visitor makes it to the end of your calculator or survey, they are probably willing to view the results and would be happy to share some contact info in return. It happens thanks to the satisfaction and value that interactive content offers. People love freebies, and that is what interactive content is about.
Except for some forecasts or tips, you can come up with other awards or special offers for using your calculator or passing a quiz. You may collect contact info before the start of the quiz or once a person aims to view the results. Anyway, 62% of B2B marketers use interactive content because of the increased number of active leads.
The popularity of voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa is snowballing. The most recent data shows that there are 4.2 billion voice assistants in the world as of 2021. As this number only keeps on growing, companies shouldn’t overlook digital voice assistants in their marketing plans.
Marketers actively involve voice search in their SEO strategies. It allows, for instance, to inform a user of businesses that are located around. It’s enough to find the closest restaurant using voice alone. Still, accuracy remains one of the basic obstacles on the way to global voice tech adoption.
Chatbots belong to the AI category just like voice recognition tools. They replace client service representatives effectively. Via quick messages, customers can solve their problems faster than ever. Compared to 2018, many users were willing to engage with chatbots because they were “handy.”
Field experts forecast that messaging bots will take over a majority of business communications very soon, which is why it makes sense to start investing in this tech actively. Chatbots provide help and support 24/7, unlike live agents. Thanks to helpful info that customers obtain using chatbots, they get more engaged, and it helps to generate leads.
To keep their seat at the table, marketing experts have to show support for sales growth and lead gen. Use these eight lead generation tactics to attract and convert quality leads. You might need special tools like keyword research instruments and audience analysis to maximize the results by reaching the target customer more effectively. From your landing page optimization to voice recognition and chatbots, various tactics may come in handy.
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Dmitriy Atamaniuk is the CEO of GDM (Global Digital Marketing Group) — digital agency with an array of services covering white label solutions, monetization and advertising platforms, affiliate, lead generation, and other innovative marketing services. He’s also a COO at ClickDealer, the best European CPA network according to the mThink Blue Book. Dmitriy initiates solutions and technologies that drive change in the emerging advertising landscape.
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