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By Josh OHara, Saturday Jan 30, 2021
Affiliate marketing has evolved in recent times. Gone are the days you had to blog your way to affiliate marketing success. Nowadays, all you need is an active Instagram account, and you’re good to go.
In this post, we’re going to be looking at how buying Instagram followers can help your affiliate marketing game. Oh, and yes, before you ask, almost all affiliate marketers on IG buy Instagram followers. So, don’t be left out.
What is Instagram affiliate marketing, and what are the challenges faced?
Instagram affiliate marketing is simply affiliate marketing carried out on Instagram, wherein an advertiser (brand owner) pays a publisher (you) a commission for bringing business sales.
It is quite similar to other affiliate marketing types, with the only exception being that IG is the primary and the only marketing network.
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The entry barrier is absolutely zero because anyone can open an Instagram account and start promoting products. However, as with other means of making money, making top dollars off affiliate marketing on Instagram is not cherry and cheese. Below are some of the challenges faced by Instagram affiliate markers.
1.      Advertiser discrimination
It’s sad to know that some advertisers are so rigid and old-fashioned that they won’t partner with Instagram-only affiliate marketers.
If you don’t have a blog, you will soon realize that not all advertisers will be willing to accept you into their affiliate program. To solve this problem, you will need to create a blog to support your Instagram page.
2.      Doubt and distrust
If I find an ad from HP about a new laptop design that interests me, I won’t hesitate to visit their online store and order.
However, I may be skeptical about purchasing if I find the same ad from a random publisher on Instagram. Why? Because, I’m not sure they’re legit.
The issue of distrust and doubt is one of the biggest challenges Instagram affiliate marketers face daily.
3.      Business growth
As an affiliate marketer on Instagram, it won’t be long before you realize how challenging it is to attract customers for your products. Even if you have an engaged audience, you’ll discover that only a small fraction will patronize your business.
This makes it extremely difficult to grow an affiliate business on Instagram
4.      Never-ending hustle to grow IG profile
The hustle to get new followers never ends as far as IG affiliate marketing is concerned. Even if you have 100k followers, you must keep grinding daily to get more.
The more your followers, the greater your chances of selling each product you promote.
Sadly, the hustle to get new followers is not for the faint-hearted. If you’ve tried building an Instagram page before, you’ll understand how hard it is to acquire plenty of followers.
5.      Huge competition
Because of the low barrier to entry, affiliate marketers face a lot of competition on IG. No matter the niche you pick, you’ll find many others already pitching the same audience you’re looking to influence.
How to overcome these challenges: Buy Instagram followers
Although there are many ways of beating the challenges highlighted above, buying Instagram followers is definitely up there as one of the best strategies.
As you’ll soon see, when you buy followers on Instagram, you give your affiliate business a good chance of not just surviving but thriving in the IG landscape.
1.      Advertiser Discrimination
Buy Instagram followers to combat this
One of the reasons advertisers sometimes don’t accept Instagram marketers is because they fear these guys may not have the right kind of audience to promote their products.
For example, an advertiser manufacturing CBD product may be skeptical about your ability to promote his product because he feels you don’t have a strong audience base. But what do you think will happen if you prove to him that you have a million engaged followers on IG? I’m guessing he’ll be willing to listen to you.
The challenge now is how to get a million engaged followers. But you need not worry about that, too. You can simply buy them. Many of the Instagram follower vendors around today provide authentic followers – followers that interact and engage with your content.
2.      Doubt and distrust
Buy Instagram followers to combat this
People are generally skeptical about online brands, especially when it comes to parting with their money. And that’s because of the many sad stories flying about.
To change people’s opinion about your IG profile, you need to work on your page’s outlook – that is, how your page looks from the outside.
Here’s how to do that:
·        Get plenty of followers to make first-time visitors believe that they’re in good company. (You can buy followers)
·        Get old customers’ user-generated content (UGC) to convince prospects that you can be trusted.
·        Litter your page with testimonials
By and large, you should buy followers to keep your page buzzing every time someone visits.
3.      Business Growth
Buy Instagram followers to combat this
For an Instagram affiliate marketing business to grow, the IG profile upon which the business is based must grow, too.
Luckily, it is easy to grow an IG profile once you’re willing and ready to buy followers. Yes, buying followers costs money, but you’ll enjoy the dividends for a long time to come.
When you buy followers, it helps you expand your reach, bring more followers, and ultimately grow your page. And this, in turn, grows your business.
4.      Never-ending hustle to grow IG profile
Buy Instagram followers to combat this
Once you buy followers, you no longer need to worry about the constant grind and hustle to get new followers. The followers you buy will attract new followers organically to your page.
5.      Huge Competition
Buy Instagram followers to combat this
You can beat your competition on Instagram by buying followers. When you buy followers, you give your page a lift and make it appear superior to those of your competitors. That way, when a user has to pick between you and others, they will be convinced that you’re the right choice.

Affiliate Marketing As A Business

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