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All hail Bedroom Producers Blog, who have spoilt us again with another free VST plugin – this time an amazing spring reverb effect. BPB is offering the plugin as a free gift – it’s available in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats.
Spring reverbs are often found in guitar amplifiers. In the original hardware a coiled spring between a pickup and transducer vibrates, bouncing echoes around the unit.
The Dirty Spring Decay and Tone knobs can be adjusted until the perfect character is found. You can get echo and delay effects by using the Pre knob to change the pre-delay time, adding an instantly recognisable reggae guitar rhythm.
The BPB Dirty Spring free plugin has a bitcrusher built in – hence the “dirty” – completely changing the sound to give it an echoing crunchiness. Play around with the setting and you can go from just a touch of lo-fi crackle to an 8-bit sampler effect. We’ll let BPB demonstrate:

The plugin is a follow up to Bedroom Producers Blog’s Dirty Filter and Saturator, which are both free to download.
Thanks, BPB! Head here to download your free plugin today.
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