The SportsTalkATL Podcast is back, led by Chase Irle, Jake Gordon, and Alex Lord. Topics include:
— Full Falcons/Saints breakdown
— Key players and matchups
— Game predictions
— The NL East race
— The ROY race
— Vaughn Grissom’s role going forward
— Ozzie Albies and Acuña’s recovery
— The biggest threat to the Braves
— And more
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We are back with the latest SportsTalkATL Podcast. Home of the first place Braves.
— The NL East race 
— The ROY race
— Vaughn Grissom's role
— The biggest threat to the Braves 
— Full Falcons/Saints breakdown with predictions
— And more
— (@SportsTalkATL) September 7, 2022

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Photo: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire
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