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In a surprise on a somewhat obscure Mercedes owner website, the German brand revealed the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4². It’s the successor to the past 4×4² and the AMG 6×6, and Mercedes is billing it as the “last of its kind.” It still looks as outrageous as past models, and it’s the most powerful example yet.
Mercedes hasn’t revealed the full details of the SUV, but it has shared some of the highlights. It has the familiar twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, and in this case it makes 585 horsepower. That’s 163 more than the old G 500 4×4². It also has substantially upgraded suspension, plus the addition of portal axles. It does retain the independent front suspension introduced on this new generation of G-Class. Ground clearance measures 13.8 inches, and fording depth is 35.8 inches. Both of those are a few inches less than what its predecessor had. Finally, the new 4×4² features full-time four-wheel drive. Though nothing was mentioned, we assume that the truck still has a full complement of lockers and a low-range.
The visual changes are what you would expect of the 4×4². It has massively extended fender flares finished in carbon fiber. They cover up huge 22-inch wheels with tires to match. The carbon fiber continues on the off-road light housing on the roof as well as the spare tire carrier, which has a matching full-size spare. Available as options are a roof rack and a rear ladder, along with carbon trimmed rub strips.
The interior is also extremely luxurious with additional ambient lighting in the vents and Nappa leather. Buyers can option the beast with all kinds of colored stitching and high-end materials. Mercedes even suggests adding wood floors in the cargo area.
Mercedes will only be taking orders for the new G 63 4×4² for a limited time. And the fact it’s advertising this as the “last of its kind” suggests this may be the final all-out gas-powered G-Class. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but expect it to be extravagant considering the likely rarity and history.
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