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People say school is where everything is learnt and is one of the most critical aspects of learning and growing. While that is true for some, many believe that putting a lot of focus on school education and little focus on real-life learning is unrealistic and does not teach people about important life lessons, this often leads them into working a 9-5 job and pushes them away from starting their own businesses. This also puts pressure on children which also can end up making them feel inadequate if they don’t do well academically, when they could in fact be talented in other areas. 
There are very few people who have the ability to grow out of this conditioning and keep on doing the required hard work to grow and evolve into someone nobody had expected them to.
One such person is Luke Desmaris who is a self-made successful entrepreneur. Luke specialises in trading and investing but also has other online successful businesses. 
Having faced a huge number of hardships in his life, Luke has grown his trading and investing accounts into multiple 7-figures and has become a multi-millionaire all on his own.
Coming from a working-class background, Luke did not have a lot of money gowing up. Although he believes the only difference him and anyone else is of the mindset.
Luke says that he wasn’t good at getting grades in school and had dropped out of the sixth form. Many people used to tell Luke that he should just ‘get any job’ he gets and work his way through that. This made Luke try his hand at multiple dead-end jobs that did nothing for him. Then, after a while of doing this, he decided to prove himself and make everyone realise the potential he had.
This was when Luke decided to learn about making money through various online channels. Since it was his dream to work as an entrepreneur without any boundaries and earn money for and by himself, Luke began looking at ways to earn through his computer.
Although, it wasn’t his first idea that got him started on the journey to earn big for himself. It wasn’t his second or third either.
Luke says, “No successful entrepreneur has a smooth ride to the top and mine certainly wasn’t either. I tried I failed, I tried I failed with different money-making ideas, but I knew you only truly fail when you stop trying.”
It was this motivation that got him introduced to the world of online trading and dived deeper into the world of investing. He began learning all about it and became hooked, and that is when he decided to go all in.
“I refused to quit until I made it work because I knew the great money-making potential of the industry,” says Luke.
The only thing Luke wishes to pass on to people is, “Believe in yourself and be persistent and consistent and you will achieve what you desire.”
As he continues on his journey to inspire, motivate and teach people, Luke wishes to surpass his 8 figure net worth and reach the 9 figure range. 
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Being an inspiration for many, Luke also teaches thousands of students about the art of trading, investing and entrepreneurship.
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