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A former broker has released a new course that teaches brokers how to generate and convert leads from social media platform TikTok.
A new lead generation course developed specifically for mortgage brokers using TikTok has been launched by former broker and Trusted Finance director and founder, Rob Roper.
Mr Roper, who was a broker before changing tack to connect clients with brokers via his platform Trusted Finance, has created the six-module course – Convert your Followers into Customers: The TikTok Master Class – off the back of his own experience generating leads via the social media platform TikTok.
His TikTok channel has had 3.9 million views (at the time of writing) and reportedly organically generated around 4,500 Australian home buyer leads in the last six months.
The $2,999 course aims to teach brokers how to engage with an audience on TikTok, how to convert that audience into a following, then convert that following into organic leads and convert them into customers. 
The modules, which are “drip fed” to students between five-day gaps over the course of 25 days, cover 64 lessons and three hours of videos delivered through the Thinkific platform.
The chapters – which are between 30 and 45 minutes in length – cover off:
Topics also involve resilience and mental health in the social media world, scheduling and pre-planning tips, and understanding algorithms.
Speaking to The Adviser about The TikTok Masterclass, Mr Roper explained that he had been inundated with warm leads from borrowers after having posted financial literacy videos on the platform via his own channel (Trusted Finance), and had realised that there was a missed opportunity for brokers.
Mr Roper explained that he was being constantly contacted by mortgage broker viewers in Australia, Canada, the US and the UK asking questions about how to generate leads on TikTok. 
“Many of them have been following my page for the last six months and have seen the engagement, so want to learn how to do it for themselves,” he said.
“I wanted to create a learning experience that would answer all the questions I often receive.
“At the moment, TikTok is the place in the social media world where you can reach millions of viewers, with absolutely no followers at all, without having to spend even $1 on advertising. 
“You can organically build a relationship with your future customers all over Australia.”
Mr Roper added he had a “passion” for both education and mortgage broking, as well as a passion for marketing on TikTok, which had driven him to create Convert your Followers into Customers: The TikTok Master Class.
“The focus of this course is to transform a Mortgage Broker’s TikTok page into an organic Lead Generation machine,” Mr Roper said.
He suggested that while the content was specifically tailored for TikTok, he believed the course was “completely transferable to any type of audio visual medium”. 
Mr Roper said he hoped the course will help give brokers “the skills to create their own content on TikTok, that can also be posted on other social media platforms”.
“It will practically teach them how to build a following on TikTok, how to turn those followers into leads and then convert those leads into customers,” Mr Roper said.
“With these new found skills, my goal is for the graduates of my course to save tens of thousands of dollars per year on paid advertising or bought leads by taking control of lead generation themselves.”
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Annie Kane is the editor of The Adviser and Mortgage Business.
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