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The amount of business technology available to real estate agents is staggering. T3 Sixty identified at least 63 functional categories in the real estate technology landscape. In 2018, Keller Williams reported that brokerages use an average of 13 separate technology platforms and tools.
Brokerages that don’t consider an adoption strategy or whether the new software is backward compatible and capable of working with legacy applications will end up with “shelfware.” As a result, costs can quickly get out of control, and the expected productivity gains are lost.
As the real estate technology market matures, the more astute providers find ways to give agents access to sophisticated tools that integrate more seamlessly into their practices.
Real Estate Nexus (REN) is a noted leader in real estate lead conversion technology. REN seamlessly integrates over 100 real estate tools to help agents grow their businesses. Agents can sign up for a free account to preview what’s available on the REN Dashboard: https://dashboard.realestatenexus.io/
REN Optimizes the Effectiveness of a CRM
The integrated REN platform helps agents maximize their CRM’s automation and impact. Real Estate Nexus (REN) coordinates disparate technologies into a single HUB, simplifying and amplifying the lead generation and conversion activities. With REN’s “plug and play” approach, agents no longer have to adopt countless 3rd party solutions to execute their sales and marketing plans. With REN technology, CRMs and other idle or underutilized applications are put into action to achieve their intended results.
For example, many agents spend thousands of dollars on elaborate CRM systems that they only use as a glorified spreadsheet. REN applications are robust and well-suited for high-performance real estate teams. REN effectively captures leads, automated lead distribution, and follow-up to help agents grow their business faster. But as with any robust CRM, team adoption and utilization of the technology is the key to getting results. When REN integrates with powerful CRMs, adoption and usage increase dramatically, the combined capabilities of REN and our technology partners help agents achieve the lead generation and conversion results they were looking for when they bought into the applications.
Follow Up Boss and LionDesk are examples of powerful CRMs that seamlessly integrate with REN. These CRMs are among the best in the industry. However, as with any CRM, users still need to run a lot of their marketing, sales, and service around the system; this means multiple sign-ups and mapping every function together effectively.
REN helps make all the systems work together under one platform, so agents use and benefit from the technology they’ve invested in. With REN, agents get all the great benefits of a CRM like Follow Up Boss or LionDesk while also flawlessly executing all the other critical elements of their sales and marketing plan in one place. In addition, REN users get the power of

Affiliate Marketing As A Business

“Real Estate Nexus is not merely behind-the-scenes technology. REN's primary mission is to address the critically low lead-conversion problem in the real estate industry. REN has a relentless focus on changing that dynamic,” said Isaiah Colton, CEO of Real Estate Nexus.
REN has a full suite of sales and marketing resources, systems, and coaching to help agents maximize profits and generate more listings to achieve that mission. When REN integrates with an application, the REN team helps agents set up the automation. Poor setup is a crucial driver of failure with technology applications and prevents brokers from achieving a return on their investment. The lead conversion experts at REN also help agents build their sales and marketing plan, which they use to match them with the right tools to execute that plan.
"We're excited that REN can offer agents integrated technology; this will enrich the experience our customers have and help ensure they get the lead management and conversion results they expect," said Mr. Colton.
By taking the problem of fragmented technology head-on, REN helps make it easier for agents to maximize their time, budget, and profits.
About Real Estate Nexus
Real Estate Nexus, a RAP Success Systems company, builds powerful, simple, easy-to-use platforms to help real estate agents and brokers convert more leads and generate more revenue. The company’s mission is to combine innovative solutions and modern technology to help real estate agents and brokers achieve their goals.
Visit https://realestatenexus.io/
T3 Sixty, Follow Up Boss and LionDesk are separate business entities and not companies of RAP Success System.
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