The new Studio Tools pack includes a phase scope, an oscilloscope and a signal generator.
Both the Phase Scope & Oscilloscope are visualising tools for the mixing process. However, the signal generator allows for mixing with pink or white noise or generating a sine wave or pulse.
Phase Scope presents a Lissajous visual that displays the number of phase differences in a dual channel signal.
The plugin has two draw modes. You can adjust the draw size for the Lissajous signal, and you can turn the draw grid off too.
Furthermore, you can change the view size and dial in visual trails. An option for opening the visual part of the device in a adjustable-size floating window is also available.
The Oscilloscope plugin can display the left, right, or both channels. If you like you can even set the plugin to automatically register audio sources for ease of use.
You’ll find an adjustable Gain setting with other settings such as Buffer amount and a Trigger switch. And you can analyse the visual waveform for properties such as amplitude, frequency, rise time, time interval, distortion, and others.
Finally, Signal Gen can generate a sine wave, a pulse wave, or noise of the white and pink kind!
You can adjust the sine wave’s frequency or play as MIDI notes, and you can adjust the interval of the pulse wave. Moreover, the noise generators provide full stereo bandwidth!
Additionally, you can adjust the level and the channel can be selected.
The new Live Pack is available as a “name your price” download (including free) and is self-installing for Live 11 Suite or Standard with Max for Live.
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