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British plugin developer Techivation has released T-Compressor. The launch of T-Compressor is the second major launch for Techivation since T-De-Esser Pro which is a free de-esser plugin for taming harch sibilances in vocals.
What makes T-Compressor somewhat unique are the multiple compressors it features – boasting three compressors in one plugin! As a result, you can insert just one instance of a T-Compressor and create a self-sufficient serial compression chain. The plugin is designed with shaping the dynamics of any signal in a creative way in mind.
At the top of the interface sits a bypass switch, a switch that allows you to choose which of the three compresses in the chain you want to work with, and an A/B test selection.
For accurate level monitoring, T-Compressor features a VU meter (Volume Unit) which is often more accurate than a peak meter. This is the case because a volume unit is a metering tool that provides a calculated estimate of how loud a channel/bus/signal actually is in relation to how we naturally perceive loudness. However, the VU meter can be switched to a digital graph representation with a toggle switch.
Below the level meter sits four switches that allow you to choose between different compression modes. These include Clean, Crispy, Warm, and Thick. Here is a description of the different modes by Technivation:
Finally, beneath the mode selection sits a simple attack, threshold, compression amount knob, and makeup gain control.
Serial compression is fantastic for applying specific dynamic range adjustments without over-compressing them. For example, you can dial in subtle compression settings across 4 different compressors rather than applying lots of compression with one. Now, T-Compressor empowers you to make essential compression decisions with a level of creativity that gives your sound a unique flare.
T-Compressor allows you to add up to 3 compressor instances in the same plug-in unit and have full control over 3 of them on a single plug-in window! You can choose through them like a web browser and quickly make adjustments.
You can download T-Compressor right now, and it’s compatible with Mac OS X 10.11, macOS 11.6, and Windows 7+ as a 32 and 64-bit VST/VST3 plugin, in addition to 64-bit AAX. The plugin is available now at an introductory price of $39. When the introductory sale ends, the regular price will be $49.
If you want to try it before you buy, don’t forget to download the fully functional free 14-day trial.
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