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Written by Luke Ferris | March 16, 2022

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So after months of talking about it, you’ve finally decided to start a podcast. You may have a clever show title or lined up an impressive first guest, but what you don’t have is the podcast equipment to make it happen.
If you’re looking for podcast equipment for beginners, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll break down the minimum gear you need to launch a podcast and how you can expand your gear as your show grows.
Trust us, the Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan and From Zero to Foundr Podcast have combined over 88,000 downloads per month. But this reach from our podcast network didn’t happen overnight. We started right where you are, with a podcast idea, a goal to reach an audience, and a passion for recording.
Before you start spending your hard-earned cash on microphones and editing software, be wary of the subjective opinions of podcasting equipment.
Just like guitarists squabble about amplifiers or gear heads defending their preferred oil brands, so too does podcast gear fall under the strain of user preference. You should be wary of absolutes when shopping for podcast gear. Opinions like “Only real podcasters use this mic” or “This brand above all others” are foolish to listen to at this stage of your journey.
Podcasting is still a young medium with room for creativity. Some of the most successful podcasts began with a simple equipment setup. What made them successful was the content, not the equipment.
Dropping $1,000 on professional microphones will make you sound legit, but if your podcast doesn’t offer value to an audience, then your gear is as good as a Lamborghini sitting in your garage that you never drive.
Rob Bell is a speaker and author. He started his popular podcast, aptly named The RobCast, with a Blue Yeti mic and a laptop.
Using his experience as a public speaker, Rob hit record and started talking. He didn’t have a fancy microphone or audio producer, but what Rob lacked in a professional setup he made up for with an engaged audience and powerful words.
Focus on what words are coming out of your mouth, not the equipment that’s recording them.
With that disclaimer, check out our equipment recommendations to get you started making the best podcast possible.
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Before you jump to product links and start adding to the cart, ask yourself about the theme of your podcast and where you want it to go. The structure of your show will determine what podcasting equipment you need. Ask yourself:
Now that you’ve thought through your podcast’s structure, you’ll be better suited to start with one of the 4 podcast bundles below (estimated dollars in USD).
If you’re starting a podcast to expand your brand’s reach or want to build connections by interviewing experts in your field, then this is the setup for you. It’s affordable, tech-friendly, and can get you started podcasting ASAP.
Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that your RSS feed (the URL that joins your podcast from a host to an app) connects to the leading podcasting apps.
Some paid hosting platforms will automatically do this step for you. But if you want to save costs and bootstrap your podcast, you’ll need to copy and paste your RSS feed into podcast apps. Here’s a list of the top podcast apps that you’ll want to create an account for and link your podcast to:
If this seems too complicated, all-in-one podcast platforms like Anchor.fm have simplified the creation experience even more. Do your research before you commit. Most of these tools require a hefty monthly fee, and you’ll lose levels of independence (and sometimes ownership) as a creator.
Are you the type of person that skips a show’s title sequence on Netflix? If yes, then this bundle is for you. The podcast equipment here will immediately make your podcast feel professional and polished. The up-front investment may seem pricey, but you won’t have to worry about upgrading the gear in 6 months once your podcast takes off.
Riverside.fm is a new solution to remote podcasting. Essentially you can produce an entire show (including editing) remotely using the tool.
If you’re not planning to have any in-person interviews for your podcast then Riverside is a clear winner for kicking off your podcast production. The platform will produce higher-quality audio than a Zoom recording and also makes it easy to export promotional video from your recording.
The talk show format is one of the most popular podcast styles because all you need to do is get more than one person in a room (or virtual room) and hit record. But what if you’re looking to tell a more in-depth story?
Maybe you’re planning to create the next Serial, record “man-on-the-street” interviews, or include soundscapes from events? This bundle will give your podcast legs so you can have the flexibility to tell stories like a BBC Radio journalist.
As an entrepreneur, time is your greatest resource. Starting a podcast is a significantly cheaper marketing channel than video or social media ads. Still, it requires just as much time and creative energy—especially if you want your podcast to stand out.
This bundle is if you want to start a podcast but don’t have the technical skills or team bandwidth to generate a consistent show.
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Our bundles don’t cover everything and won’t fit every podcast. So mix and match. You can always invest more into your podcast once you grow your listeners and/or partner with advertisers.
Build your podcast set up to reflect the vision of your show and the practicality of your budget. If audio fidelity is the most important thing to you, bundle a Shure MV7 with a boom arm and produce the rest of your podcast using Riverside.
The best thing about podcasting is that you can create whatever your mind (and ears) can think of. Most of all, make sure your podcast connects to the brand you’re trying to build.
Here’s some additional podcast equipment to add to your wish list as you grow:
Now that you have the podcast equipment to begin, you need the tools to promote it. Gone are the days of podcasts growing by people only finding them on podcast apps. Instead, you’ll need a robust marketing strategy to get your podcast in the ears of the right audience.
Explore our free training series, and you can learn the frameworks to expand your business reach using Instagram, email, and more. You’re putting in the work of creating an incredible podcast. Make sure people will hear it.
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About Luke Ferris
​​Luke Ferris is the content editor at Foundr and writes about leadership, podcasting, and pop culture. He is a graduate of Michigan State University’s journalism school, and his bylines include Issue Media Group, Michigan History Magazine, MLive.com, Habitat for Humanity, Holland Sentinel, and Gordon Food Service. When he’s not writing, he’s podcasting, discussing cinema over coffee, watching Tottenham Hotspur FC, or reading a book at the beach.
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