Imagine you had access to some of Australia’s best property, finance and investment professionals – you’d make better money decisions, don’t you think? That’s where podcasts come in.
There are some outstanding local podcasts that can help you understand the economy, master investing and get on top of all the latest finance news.
We’ve found the 14 best money podcasts in Australia for you to devour during your daily commute or exercise session. Subscribing is free – yet their content could help you make or save a fortune.
Each week, property investment guru Michael Yardney discusses important property and finance news, shares long-term investment strategies and explains how to develop a wealth-building mindset.
Two of Australia’s leading buyer’s agents, Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway, share all their best property advice and chat with some of Australia’s best property and finance professionals.
Host Phil Tarrant interviews a range of punters and professionals, including aspiring investors, experienced investors, mortgage brokers, buyer’s agents, real estate agents and economists.
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Learn about the ins and outs of the stock market from Scott Phillips and Andrew Page. They share investment strategies, discuss news, analyse stocks, bust myths and answer questions.
The largest stock investing cast in the world, We Study Billionaires sees Stig Brodersen and Preston Pysh analysing and interview some of the biggest billionaires, looking at their strategies and how they can be applied in today’s market.
Want to become a better crypto investor? This weekly podcast takes you into the world of Bitcoin, blockchain and all things crypto through a mix of news, analysis and interviews.
Cut through the jargon and complexity with a podcast aimed at beginner investors. This is the place to learn about the basics of playing the stock market, including terminology and strategies.
A podcast that mixes finance and humour. The three hosts take a light-hearted look at spending, saving, tax, insurance, superannuation, property, wills, side hustles, rewards points and more.
Melbourne-based financial adviser Paul Benson covers the full gamut of personal finance topics, including wealth building, tax planning, investment strategies, savings tips and financial literacy.
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Aussie Firebug offers a local take on the international FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement. Find out how what savings and investment strategies people are using to quit the rat race.
This weekly ABC podcast discusses all the big economic news – both local and international – while also analysing trends, exploring big-picture ideas and discussing behavioural economics.
A podcast from the ABC, The Pineapple Project uses humour to help you get through all the tricky parts of managing your personal finances, from how to properly organise your paperwork, what to do in a job interview, managing burnout, impostor syndrome, time management hacks, managing superannuation properly and how to establish an emergency fund.
James Kirby and Alan Kohler analyse the latest business and finance news from Australia and around the world. Investment markets, political policy, economic trends and global trade all feature.
Want to make sense of the economy? Veteran commentator Ross Greenwood delivers his take on all the main business and finance news, with expert analysis and insightful interviews.

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One that I have been listening to that only started this year is the Australian Finance Podcast. I had already start making changes to make things better but finding this and given me extra information that will in the future.
My favourite financial podcast is QAV. A millionaire investor teaches his method for finding quality stocks.
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