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Are your lead generation strategies exuding credibility?
You’re, after all, asking businesses to place their well-being in your hands and trust your solutions.
Your plan needs to go further than just marketing your products/services. It needs to incorporate strategies that focus on prospective customers’ unique needs and address their concerns.
We’ll delve into five such strategies below.
There are plenty of tips you can leverage for LinkedIn prospecting, but most won’t work if your profile looks dubious.
Your audience needs to see that the organization you represent is a real business and not some dodgy guys trying to steal from them. 
So, work on your profile, the About Us section, and what you do/offer.
Other best practices include:
A valuable interactive feature may help build your company’s reputation while simultaneously presenting your solutions in a meaningful context to potential customers.
People seek value, meaning the features that engage audiences are those that focus on sharing valuable and relevant information tied to their issues and industry. 
As audiences deem your brand an essential resource provider, you surface as the company that provides solutions for important issues.
To help you draw closer connections with potential customers, consider the following:
Examples of worthwhile interactive content include
Unlike other strategies where you have some time to craft charming messages, cold calling calls for thinking on your feet, literally. 
Because conversations can take a different turn from what you initially anticipated.
The beauty of these interactions is that they are unmasked, allowing you to discern the prospect’s genuine feelings, their pain points, and intentions. 
As you build intimate rapport with the prospect, it may help increase trust in your brand and even lead to quicker conversions.
Consider the following:
It’s true that we’re oftentimes swayed by the thoughts and actions of people around us, including strangers. And this is what makes social proof so powerful.
Of course, this is easier for B2C brands than those serving the B2B sector. What are the odds that a B2B software management company will have as many likes or followers as Apple, for example?
The numbers may not come close, but if you can skillfully leverage social proof in your space, you’ll see increased lead generation.
How do you do it?
Guest posting exposes to you an audience larger than the one you serve.
It’s a strategy that enables you to maximize brand awareness and build a positive image as an expert and grow your influence. With these, you’re likely to get more organic visits and queries from interested parties.
Top tips include:
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