There is no denying that as a marketing vehicle, podcasts are hot. I’ve written recently about the strategy of PR through podcast guesting. I’ve also written, further back, about the tips for building an audience by starting a show of your own.  Regardless of your strategy so far, if you listen to at least one per month, you’re in good company with the 57 million Americans who are listening, too. It’s a medium that can give you increasing exposure. Smart entrepreneurs are using podcasts to increase audience, to position themselves as authorities in their niche and to leverage the influence of notable guests. Whether you’re already participating or still just thinking, here are a few tips on the ways to PR your way to podcast success.
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.Double Down On Quality. Let’s be honest. Quality matters. Sometimes what you say isn’t as important as the way you say it, so double down on the quality of your equipment before you begin. Invest in the right sound equipment, recording software and a pop filter for additional voice clarity.
According to research by Edison, podcast listeners tend to be well-educated and to have a disposable income. But to hook these customers, you’ll need to provide them with interesting content and actionable advice.
According to Daniel Gefen and Jeremy Slate from podcast booking agency Get Featured, being a guest on targeted podcasts is by far the quickest and most effective way to build your self brand and grow your following. Says Gefen, who also hosts a top rated show called Can I Pick Your Brain?,  “podcasts are becoming a really useful sales tool and an effective way of marketing today, with around 25 percent higher conversions than blogs.”
But you’ve got to get your topic right. “The 3 key ingredients are a compelling story, a clear message and a convincing call to action. Once you know your audience, it’s super important to nail down your content before seeking exposure on top rated shows,” Gefen adds.
Leverage the Influence of Guests. Popular podcaster Jason Horton, understands the importance of leveraging the influence of your podcast guests in his popular series Friends Without Benefits on iTunes. Not only does he provide valuable insight and inspiration to up-and-coming business owners in their fields, but by changing guests each episode, he gains extra exposure.
Horton explains, “Interviewing a guest on your show is a great way to team up on marketing resources. They’ll promote the podcast on their website and social media channels as well and help your show go viral.” You’ll also get a bucketload of inspiration and fresh content to keep regular episodes going.
Carve Out a Niche. Carve out a niche for yourself and submit your podcast in a “best of” list for that niche. Creator of business accelerator conference and podcasting series Unconventional Life, Jules Schroeder, uses this strategy well. Featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 and ranked by CIO as the number one podcast show for entrepreneurs in 2017, Schroeder features entrepreneurs making a living through unconventional means.
Her idea has caught on, particularly with the infamous job-hobbing and experimental listeners who would rather lose money and eat noodles out of a cup than get stuck in a meaningless nine-to-five job. Her shows inspire and educate, while proving to people that you can live differently while making money–a lot of money, in fact.
Guests include twice-Olympian skier Kaylin Richardson, and successful video game designer, Aradhya Malhotra. Schroeder demonstrates the power of mixing it up to speak to millennials of all kinds, leveraging her guests’ resources and showing listeners that they can succeed on an unconventional path.
Comment on Salient Topics. Finally, if you want to PR your way to podcast success, try commenting on salient topics. But remember, timing is key. Says Slate, “Creating podcasts around trending topics can be a great way of building an audience and capitalizing on what’s hot right now. But remember that timing is the most important factor here. There’s no point recording a killer show about a trending issue and releasing it once it’s already become yesterday’s news.”
Get this strategy right and you can harness the power of hashtags and SEO to your advantage. Get it wrong and you’ll end up frustrated. You’ll also have content on your hands that is time-sensitive and loses value over time. “When you follow this strategy,” adds Slate, “be sure to mix it up with podcasts that are evergreen.”
For optimal success as a podcaster, make sure your content is high quality and relevant, interview guests that can help promote your shows, capitalize on trending topics and find a niche where you can excel. I wish you success and I look forward to hearing about your results.

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