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2023 prioritiesFourth quarter is almost upon us and 2023 planning should be ramping up. To make sure you have the inputs you need across your team, TechTarget’s BrightTALK folks are hosting their flagship virtual event, Reach: Intent. Content. Demand., September 27-29. Over three days, experts from across the B2B landscape will share their experiences, insights and methodologies to help you better achieve revenue objectives in 2023. Below, you’ll find a preview of key priorities for 2023 around intent, content and demand that we’ll explore more deeply at Reach.
With all the excitement out there around intent data’s business impact potential, there’s still significant confusion about how to make the most of it. As is true of many still-evolving categories, there remain important nuances and complexities that go-to-market teams should understand as they assess investments. Here are a few ways teams will be using intent data in 2023:
Join us on September 27 to further explore the still-evolving intent data category.
As they look to improve performance and de-risk their operations, B2B buyers have a seemingly insatiable hunger for information. At the same time, the ways they prefer to access and learn continue to change. Both the need for information and the changing preferences regarding channel and format further stress that organizations like yours need to keep up. Here are a few ways practitioners will be tackling these challenges in the coming year:
Join us on September 28 for guidance on content engine modifications for sustainable outcome improvements.
Until very recently, most demand gen organizations were all about growing lead volumes as cheaply as possible. Partly due to the inevitable flattening out of performance, and informed by the rise of ABM thinking, significant changes in understanding are upon us. For 2023, we anticipate further momentum in these areas:
Join us on September 29 for expert insights and methodologies on further evolving your demand generation practices.
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Go to 30days.com (30-day-summitdetc4msw subpage)

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