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Swim England’s Stronger Affiliation process has been renamed to Club Affiliation, though the parameters of the process will remain the same.
As the Club Affiliation first quarter deadline of 31 January 2022 looms closer, Swim England is highlighting the purpose of the process for a club and its members.
Completing Club Affiliation means that a club is operating in a safe and compliant way and has achieved the minimum standard of safe and effective practice.
In doing so, members of an affiliated club are permitted to train and compete safely and with insurance.
Without Club Affiliation, a club may be temporarily suspended and as a result, its members are not insured to train and are not permitted to compete at any level of club, county, regional, national or international competition.
If a club fails to complete the Club Affiliation process and remains uncompliant, it leaves the Swim England memberships of each club member at serious risk.
Temporary or permanent suspensions will be given to clubs that do not successfully complete Club Affiliation by 31 January.
Clubs that have gone on to achieve SwimMark accreditation comply with the standards of Club Affiliation and do not need to separately complete the Club Affiliation process.
As long as they maintain and renew their SwimMark accreditation when required, they will remain affiliated to Swim England.
Helen Weeks, Swim England club governance and standards manager, said: “It’s imperative that all club members are aware of Club Affiliation and what it means for them as individuals. It is important for every member to support their club to comply with the requirements.
“Although the process is completed by club officers, it affects each and every member of a club and their ability to train and compete in their chosen aquatic sport.”

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